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Follow your stars

January 15, 2007

Predictions: Monisha Dudaney

Capricorn (December 22 to January 20)

What to expect this year: Prudent, self-willed, thoughtful and practical Capricorns looks at the year ahead in an organised and steady way.

Ambitious as ever, you enjoy making and creating opportunities is a challenge you take on willingly as it is important to prove your mettle and talent to yourself and those who expect the best from you.

Secretive and calculative will be the way you work your way around obstacles and delays.

Be warned, this year, you will tend to take on more than you can handle.

By the end of March, balance and beauty will become top priority as you take big, independent decisions and stick only to what you personally consider vital.

Following your intuition and your inherent knowledge in your chosen field to every minute detail will make for all the positive difference. And you will see the results in September.

Those of you planning to turn an interesting hobby into a commercial project will be busy with paperwork and the legalities of the same by winter.

Weekends will be especially nostalgic as you make them memorable and enjoyable in every way.

You end the year peacefully and ready to learn and earn, keeping the fire within you burning.

Domestic life has its ups and downs. You are more understanding than ever, hence harmony prevails within and for your family.

Money matters: Starting your own business, small yet significant, will prove to be the beginning of much money, success and fame that is inevitable by the end of the year.

Property/government related matters under dispute will take their time and course of action.

Stay calm and allow things to fall into place naturally.

Health issues: Health remains satisfactory, although you feel mentally drained at times and may need small meals at regular intervals to keep you alert and energetic in spirit.

Avoiding preservatives and sticking to salads and green vegetables will help build up your constitution in a happy, healthy fashion.

Those of you suffering from backaches or arthritis are advised to try acupressure and have an exercise regime to suit you personally. Consult a doctor first though. Enjoying a hobby/sport keeps you active and feeling young always.

Romance: Love life is steady and although there are trying moments and recurring arguments with your mate, you try to be more accommodating. It would help to handle things personally and not allow third person interventions.

Small loving gestures, gifts and surprises will keep you together, smiling and bonded.

Mantra of the year: Being magnanimous is the only way to becoming bigger and better in every area of your life.

Good dates: 8, 16, 24, 28, 30, 31.

Good colours: Sky-blue, mustard, beige, silver, purple.

Stone: Amethyst.

Days: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday.

Our Fave Capricornian:
Hrithik Roshan, January 10
Did you know he was born Hrithik Roshanlal Nagrath? He had a superb 2006, with his Dhoom: 2 and Krrish being Bollywood's biggest box office hits. Coming up is the big-budget Jodha-Akbar, costarring Aishwarya Rai.


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