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Pathan land has a strong Bollywood connection. Shah Rukh Khan's family hails from the city's famous Kissa Kahani Bazaar, which is more than 200 years old.

The bazaar was once frequented by travellers coming over the Khyber Pass who entranced listeners with stories about their travels over endless cups of green tea. The voyagers have long gone, but folks still hang around the tea shops, which are adorned with brass samovars, teapots and teacups they hawk.

In one of the narrow lanes in an area called Shah Wali Katal that reminds one of the Jama Masjid area of Old Delhi stands a dark green haveli (manor house).

Dad Sharukh kor de (This is Shah Rukh’s house),” says the cab driver. This is where Shah Rukh Khan’s father Taj Mohammad Khan was born.

Shah Rukh's cousin Mansoor Ahmad -- or Toofi as the family calls him -- remembers the last time he met Shah Rukh -- in 1980 when he visited Peshawar with his father Taj Mohammad.

Shah Rukh's ancestral house in Peshawar. King Khan and his cousin from Peshawar in Mumbai (inset).

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