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May 22, 2006   

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Selva is tense about Pudupettai

Have you tried anything different in the film?

I will call it an experiment. We used creative freedom to reach a particular level, not deviating much from the mainstream format. We have experimented in concept, story, etc.

I would say it is one of the most complicated screenplays. It was a difficult task to convert it to the celluloid format. Now, we have to wait and see how our experiments work with the tastes of the people.

This is a crucial film for Dhanush, and not you.

I would say it is a crucial film for everybody. We treat every film as our first film. You cannot just pick Dhanush alone from the film; it is an important film for every person who is connected with the film.

Are you happy with his performance?

If I am not happy, I will not say ok. If I am okay with the take, I say ok. There is no question of being happy with just one actor's performance. If the audience likes the film, we are happy with the product we have made.

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