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April 25, 2006   

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Ramu To The Future

Is this a conscious decision for you to make all your films with Mr Bachchan now? Because he seems to be starring in everything you direct, and even announce. Are you trying to reinvent him for the next generation?

We are doing quite a few films together. It's a dream working with him. I think he's the greatest actor we have, and with the kind of cinema I'm creating right now, the roles seem to demand a man of his calibre.

There have been a lot of films announced over the last few months. We heard of Sholay first, then Sarkar 2, James and Shiva, and now, Nishabd. Which will you be starting on first?

I start Nishabd on May 1.

Do you think the film is likely to be controversial?

I have no idea. It's nothing controversial. It's a love story between a 54-year old man and an 18-year old girl (smiles).

54 and 18... then where's all this talk of Lolita coming from?

That's made up by the media. The film has nothing to do with Lolita!

After working with Amitji again, you move on to Shah Rukh Khan for the first time. What's that film about? Science fiction?

Kind of. I would describe it as a social fantasy.

A social fantasy. Involving time travel? And Shah Rukh fits in?

Yes. But it's too early to really talk about it. Wait for this one. (Smiles)

A bunch of interesting projects that are not just Factory films, but Ram Gopal Varma films. Some I mentioned, plus an American project...

That will take time. The script is being written right now.

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