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Can Akshay save Bollywood?

Bollywood's counting on Akki.

Post-Rang De Basanti, the Indian film industry has had a disastrously long dry spell, but things are beginning to look up. Akshay Kumar hits theatres soon with a romance, Humko Deewana Kar Gayee, starring opposite Katrina Kaif.

One of the most bankable superstars, Kumar caught up with Raja Sen to talk about the upcoming romance, his world tour, and tons more. Here are some excerpts:

You seem excited about Humko Deewana Kar Gayee. How is it different from what you've been upto?

To start with, HDKG begins where most love stories end. By which I mean, when two people are living together and everything is going well, there's a perfect match. Suddenly, one person falls in love with somebody else. It happens in everybody's life. Even if the person you fall in love with is imperfect for you, it happens. You can't predict love.

The USP of the film is that people can relate to this subject. Sometimes, you have to go back on your commitment. Love is not like a business deal, where you have everything planned out. It happens that you sometimes can't work it out; you realise your heart is somewhere else. HDKG starts at a point like that. I'm not going into more detail.

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