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Part I:
'We don't look back in anger any more'

This year Shah Rukh Khan won the Filmfare best actor award for being Mohan Bhargava. Not a romantic Rahul, Raj or Arjun, who wears Manish Malhotra clothes and lives in palatial mansions that pass off as homes.

He even does the unthinkable -- repeats shirts in four or more scenes in Swades. When was the last time a superstar did that?

Shah Rukh, as always, scored a winner and played the role with genuine sincerity that stirred many an Indian heart. Director Ashutosh Gowariker speaks about the acting styles of both his lucky mascots -- Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan, who acted in and produced his Oscar-nominated film, Lagaan.

After having worked with Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh, what similarities do you find between them as performers?

One strong quality they have is when they project an emotion, a dramatic emotion on screen. It gets projected off the screen and touches the audience.

Their ways of approaching is different which is a behind the scenes thing. Aamir you expect him to constantly keep experimenting. When you see Shah Rukh, you always want to see him in his romantic image that he's carrying.

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Part I of the Gowariker Interview: 'We don't look back in anger any more'

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