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So you don't like being called a sex symbol?

I would love to be called as a sexy actress.

You should wait for my other films. In my next film Siskiyan, I wear no makeup and am fully clothed. Some ask me how come I am dressed up. Others say I am looking very simple. People get so judgmental, it's funny!

One must understand that it takes a lot of courage to perform with lesser clothes in front of the camera. It is very tough -- for me or even Mallika Sherawat or Bipasha Basu.

Sheesha seems to have a Julie hangover.

I am not repeating Julie in Sheesha.

If you are good, filmmakers call you. Our industry is such that if your film does not work, people will not take your calls.

The most flattering part of Julie was my backless poster. Men got excited and wondered who this woman was. It's fun if you take in good humour.

Another flattering thing was that women came up to me and said I had given a good performance!

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