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Some of Rekha's close photographer friends talk about the gorgeous actress.

'I always gave up when we fought'
Jayesh Seth

I was very nervous on my first assignment with Rekha. It was in 1992. It was a trial shoot. She wanted to check my work so she called me to Mahableshwar, where she was shooting for a film. We barely managed a few pictures.

After that, there was a gap of about two or three years, and we did not interact with each other. When I started my own studio, she called me up suddenly and said she was coming to the studio for a shoot. It was a surprise for me, so I wanted to be more careful with the shoot. I didn't want another long time gap between us.

But the shoot did not work. I could not meet her expectations and again, there was a break of three or four years.

Later, she called me to her house suddenly. That day, we had a brilliant shoot, and from then onwards, there was no looking back.

I have over 100,000 negatives of Rekha. We shared a good rapport. She got the best results from me. Rekha should not have been in India, she should have been abroad! It's a total waste for her to be in this country!

She is an amazing friend and philosopher. If I had any setbacks, I would share with her and she would give beautiful dimensions and guidelines. Rekha always lives for the present.

She is very cooperative and makes everyone feel very comfortable, including my assistants.

She is an expert where makeup is concerned. She knows the shades and cosmetics better than the top makeup men. Just check her picture and see her makeup.

We have cancelled shoots many times if I do not feel comfortable or have a problem. Sometimes, she doesn't keep well at the last minute, and we've had to cancel shoots. But when she comes for the shoot, she is at the top of the world.

She is a perfectionist. If something is missing -- like maybe jewellary -- she would reschedule the shoot.

She is very choosy about costumes. She is a brilliant designer. I've always wondered where she got her costumes from, and she would answer, 'Jayesh, don't ask questions. There are many things in my treasure.' She still has her 1970s and 1980s costumes.

This picture is my favourite. We shot it in 1995, and till today, it has remained in my gallery.

We would quarrel sometimes on which of her pictures were good. Sometimes I liked a picture and she didn't and vice versa. But I always had to give up. She had great reasoning why the picture was not right, and what was missing.

As told to Patcy N

Design: Uday Kuckian

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