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Aankhon ki gustakhiyan -- Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

I first listen to any song and then get my brief from the director. Though dance is instinctive, I have to go through the technical aspects too, because Iím like the director of a song. Iím responsible for the five minutes that the song plays from Ė right from costumes to art direction to camera angles to teaching the dancers and getting the right expressions and editing to the final touches.

Songs like Aankhon ki gustakhiyan are more difficult than item numbers because you have to rack your brains to create moments. Creating moments are difficult because you have to be very innovative.

  The song had a different concept before I was part of it. Earlier, Ash was to come down the stairs and Salman would look at her beauty and sing her praise. Everyone else was frozen. It was an actual Ďdo ití song.

I told Sanjay that was done to death. We had such choreography in songs like Didi tera devar deewana and Jab pyaar kisise hota hai, where the actress would come down the stairs and then the song would start.

So we created a scene for the song. Thereís a scene when Ash tells Salman that when she comes, the world will stop and then, she comes down the stairs. Aankhon ki gustakhiyan starts with a gesture I had shown Sanjay earlier. He loved it so much that he made me repeat it many times! Itís the gesture Salman does when he calls Ash with his eyes.

This song was very instinctive; it happened entirely on the sets. Every day, I would end up dancing on the sets. There must have been ten variations for that one shot. We had not planned or done any shot division.

The song is about how Ash and Salman flirt in front of the entire family with their eyes.

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