September 30, 2002 
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Salman Khan
Salman Khan: Guilty or not?
Readers' take on Salman Khan's misdemeanor

State your views!
Is Salman Doomed?

Sun Sep 29 12:15:13 2002
Name:Suraj Bathena
City, Country:India
Your Views:I really dont think so. By giving such dramatic statements in media as headlines careers dont get doomed. Yes he has made a mistake and I know its a severe one. But to say thats the end of it all would be foolish. I am sure Salman did not want to really kill someone intentionally but as luck would have it know he has the killing of one person to his tail. I feel Salman will tide over this controversy. He just needs to get his act together and move on out if this Ash trash and then you can see this hunk shine brightly as he always did.

Sun Sep 29 12:15:27 2002
City, Country:KL, Malaysia
Your Views:He should be hanged for this.

Sun Sep 29 12:15:57 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:" May Naru's soul rest in peace" . These fellows , Salman and Kamal Khan's should be punished seriously without discrimating on the fact that they are actors.They are only actors but not soldiers.I feel both of them should be punished.Salam should be seriously punished. These Fellows who doesn't have a speck of Humanity in them deserve a serious punishment.Instead of taking injured one's to the hospital they fought with them which is very absurd.

Sun Sep 29 12:16:16 2002
City, Country:chennai, india
Your Views:salman khan and his family should be made to sleep on the same pavement and a lorry should be driven over them. the world can very well carry on without him.

Sun Sep 29 12:16:46 2002
City, Country:hyd,india
Your Views:Sallu is gonna roc back , real hard as ever. He is the man, who has made Hero's image transform into real normal daily life person like u n me. He gave his energetic performances in Hum Apke hain Kaun and others. He is a charismatic personality. As humans all of tend to make mistakes.He is no God. I still like him, not for his body or appearance alone but for his good sense of humor his charm which enlightens the whole setting. I cannot forget his performance in the first ever love movie"maine pyar kiya", in which a hero was just a lover boy who sincerely wants his gal. There is nothin wrong if he is so abstinate about it in real life as well. i think these incidents will make him more mature to face the ruths of life. Go on sallu! ur fans are with u.

Sun Sep 29 12:16:55 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:i don't care whether he is doomed or not but i want that people like him should be taught a lesson so that in future nobody commits such crime.. lives of human beings are definitley more precious that salman's career

Sun Sep 29 12:17:53 2002
City, Country:delhi, india
Your Views:No. He isn't. Not certainly in the way the systems in India operates. He is already out. He will roam free just as Sanju has managed. Everythig will be forgotten. All will be bought. Everything has a price. Nothing ever changes in India.

Sun Sep 29 12:18:02 2002
Name:Rajeev Sangra
City, Country:USA
Your Views:To me, he is man with absolutely no remorse for life.First it was an endangered species , not its human life. He is a sheer disgrace to human society and should be abandoned in Mysore jungles to meet his match.

Sun Sep 29 12:18:19 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:His career is over. + his life should be doomed such a characterless person has no right to stay, if my way woul have worked i would have hanged him in middle of the road at the same spot of accident

Sun Sep 29 12:19:31 2002
Name:Bhavin Shah
City, Country:USA
Your Views:I hope nothing happens to him. I think he should go free.

Sun Sep 29 12:21:00 2002
City, Country:Tamilnadu, India
Your Views:He is doomed. There have been downs and sudden ups in the careers of many. But in his case he is involved in all cases out of filmdom. He is doomed as his character of late has touched rock bottom, and he does not seem to repent for his misdeeds. Asking for an excuse means a lip service for him and he continuously does what he is always doing. He should be framed. There is no point in showing that star status and the resultant privileges for him. VERY PLAINLY HE SHOULD BE FRAMED. (IF HE DOES NOT DOOM BY HIMSELF, THE LEGAL TANGLES SHOULD DOOM HIM)

Sun Sep 29 12:22:18 2002
City, Country:Dubai, UAE
Your Views:I hope he is doomed. Such attitude from public figures needs trashing in the bin, not adulation

Sun Sep 29 12:23:34 2002
Name:Laxmi Prasad
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:This is the guy who is more often on the other side of the law. You obviously cannot take too much advantage of the Indian Law and the gullible fans. The height of this case is his lawyer saying he wasn't at the wheel. If he wasn't at the wheel, why does he have to run away from the accident site? And for God's sake, let's give credence to the bodyguard who deposed and provide the poor guy some real protection. Where is Bal Thackerey now? Let him take a stand on this too

Sun Sep 29 12:25:04 2002
Name:Diganta Sarma
City, Country:Guwahati, Assam, India
Your Views:First i want to say that salman is my best hero but since he has done mistake for this i will support those people who wants him to get punished. coz. these celebrities make mistakes and get free from the hands of law by the power of money. so he should be severly punished.

Sun Sep 29 12:25:25 2002
City, Country:Blore,India
Your Views:Plastic Smile,Arrogance and indefiance - These will take him nowhere

Sun Sep 29 12:25:33 2002
City, Country:bombay
Your Views:he is a person with criminal background

Sun Sep 29 12:25:46 2002
City, Country:shimoga India
Your Views:As it is the misuse of the fans courtesy,they all thought that they higher than anybody,law of this land shouldtake stern action against him to set an example that no body is above law,and he should be rigourously punsihed for his desperate action,then common man of this country will hold the belief with the law,till today no one punished of their henious crimes.At least Salman stood FIRST to taste the experience of the Punishment. they all thought only with money power they can bail out with this crimes, not only salman,all other who involved in these types of crimes should be behind bars

Sun Sep 29 12:26:13 2002
Name:Laxmi Prasad
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:This is the guy who is more often on the other side of the law. You obviously cannot take too much advantage of the Indian Law and the gullible fans. The height of this case is his lawyer saying he wasn't at the wheel. If he wasn't at the wheel, why does he have to run away from the accident site? And for God's sake, let's give credence to the bodyguard who deposed and provide the poor guy some real protection. Where is Bal Thakarey now? Let him take a stand on this too

Sun Sep 29 12:26:35 2002
City, Country:bangalore,india
Your Views:Salman has to shed the current image which he has of a arrogant person. His action of not stopping and helping the injured and dead smacks of total disregard of human life. Such people howsoever high and mighty should be made to undergo a jail term so that they learn from it. Sunjay Dutt is a correct example of a person who learnt from his mistakes and is now making a second innings in films. His string of failed love affairs shows what a person he is. Unless he changes himself as a person, he is doomed

Sun Sep 29 12:26:44 2002
Name:Vijay Reddy
City, Country:USA
Your Views:"you fool me once, shame on you.... you fool me twice, shame on me." i guess these lines would explain the salman's current problems. baiscally I beleive this guy is suffering from some medical problems. His old behaviour proved us that repeatedly and i feel sorry for the innocent person who got killed. Guess what... now he migth pay the ransom the mafia is asking and might even ask them to protect from the police just to get rid of this case.... If you ask me... just let him pay the price God Bless India

Sun Sep 29 12:26:58 2002
Name:tarpan patel
City, Country:surat, india
Your Views:i cant understnad y we give so much importance to public figures like salman khan. what has he ever done besides sleeping with a couple of actress, bashing up people he dislikes, and ripping his shirt to prove that he might be the only indian with a clean shaven chest. i was disgusted that he could not even help the guys he crushed to be taken to a hospital and his brother arrives after some time to remove their precisious stereo from the vehicle. how could some one as intelligent as ASH ever get into a mess called SALMAN KHAN.

Sun Sep 29 12:27:02 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:He's gonna pay a BIG BIG price for all these sins he's committing. He is not a hero, but a BIG ZERO! One thing he will find really hard or even impossible to garner now is public sympathy! God save the world from these people!

Sun Sep 29 12:27:18 2002
City, Country:mumbai, india
Your Views:doomed or bounce back... such a brat should get right punishment for his doings.. even our law and govt cont do it.. one day sure god will do it..

Sun Sep 29 12:27:53 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:...comeon guys..he is heartbroken...and lost control..let us be more generous to poor fella

Sun Sep 29 12:28:14 2002
City, Country:hyderabad,india
Your Views:all because of his bad nature n bad attitude. but he will be back soon

Sun Sep 29 12:28:58 2002
City, Country:Silchar, India
Your Views:Well i guess he is a bit careless in life and that his head is not in his shoulders. but i cant wish bad for him and so pray that he gets back and stays away from all these and lead a clean life.

Sun Sep 29 12:29:21 2002
City, Country:san francisco, USA
Your Views:he is rich indian actor with connections .. killing endangered wildlife dint do anything... accidently killing people.. who cares... rich and powerful never goto jail..

Sun Sep 29 12:29:35 2002
Name:s.k. raman
City, Country:bangalore, india
Your Views:by asking this question without any reference to what will happen to the injured (and the dead) in his escapade, you have proved yourself to be as insensitive as the killer, who masquerades as an 'actor' !! a real sickenig state of affairs with the stardom and media !!!!

Sun Sep 29 12:29:49 2002
Name:Rajdeep Singh
City, Country:La Jolla,California, India
Your Views:Leave him alone guys. Is media about making someone's life more miserable(though i know Salman does'nt care). All the time where you are talking of Salman's life, did anyone care to point to the population which has to sleep on pavements and could potentially become exposed to such tragedies in future: no matter who is involved. Please raise the right issues and not just gossiping columns. I am very positive about what we can achieve if we focus on the right issues and raise our voices against them.

Sun Sep 29 12:29:55 2002
City, Country:mumbai-india
Your Views:he is bloody aashole police should shoot me on the road or he should be shoot by anygangstar along with sanjay dutt

Sun Sep 29 12:30:07 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:its very shame full. he is now crossed all the limits and now i want him to punish by the courtand the police. without any dely ..

Sun Sep 29 12:30:33 2002
Name:Rajdeep Singh
City, Country:La Jolla,California, India
Your Views:Leave him alone guys. Is media about making someone's life more miserable(though i know Salman does'nt care). All the time where you are talking of Salman's life, did anyone care to point to the population which has to sleep on pavements and could potentially become exposed to such tragedies in future: no matter who is involved. Please raise the right issues and not just gossiping columns. I am very positive about what we can achieve if we focus on the right issues and raise our voices against them.

Sun Sep 29 12:31:16 2002
Name:saleha rahman
City, Country:hyderabad, India
Your Views:Hi, This is saleha rahman, from dubai. It seems that salman khan does not want to live his life. one or the other day we will get masala mixed news to read about him. In my view he is on wrong path, on the contrary he is not at all realizing it, which may leads him to hell. atleast now he can realize his mistakes, for which he must ask for forgive him and forget the past and try to lead his life in right direction. on the other hand he must take charge for the injured people and must pay amount to the deceased family so that they can have something in their hands. thats all.

Sun Sep 29 12:31:37 2002
City, Country:St louis,USA
Your Views:"A Beggar's life is far better than Salman's" ,beggar who eats what he gets but this Salman is eating Lives earlier he had Killed for Animal for his fun sake now he killed a Human for his fun sake (intake of alcohol ), if he is left without punished severly tommorow he will Kill mass of people.It would be shame on the part of India government if he is not punished severly and made to pay for the compesation to the families of the Kiled and injured one's.

Sun Sep 29 12:31:58 2002
City, Country:pune, india
Your Views:succes has gone into his head, he soul take some counselling to improve himself or leave the industry.

Sun Sep 29 12:32:17 2002
City, Country:blr, INDIA
Your Views:when we keep doing wrong things and enjoy at the cost of other's life, the only thing I wish to say; GOD SEES THE TRUTH BUT WAITS TO GIVE JUDGEMENT ON WHAT WE DO IN THIS WORLD

Sun Sep 29 12:34:03 2002
City, Country:Bangalore,India
Your Views:send him to ANDAMAN jail, never to return and trouble innocent lives.

Sun Sep 29 12:34:07 2002
City, Country:mumbai, India
Your Views:salman is a real bad boy of bollywood. he must not bounce back

Sun Sep 29 12:35:18 2002
City, Country:usa
Your Views:he is a spoilt brat

Sun Sep 29 12:35:30 2002
Name:jiju cherian
City, Country:dubai,uae
Your Views:everybody in life have ups & down, so it for salman, but he would bounce back to stardom

Sun Sep 29 12:35:53 2002
City, Country:BARODA

Sun Sep 29 12:35:55 2002
City, Country:UK
Your Views:Thats it...!!!! End of what you describe as a pitiful and menial story off the block of Bollywood... Salman R.I.P...

Sun Sep 29 12:36:58 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I have nothing against him personally but I think no one is above the law. Sadly in a country such as ours people like Salman Khan will pay some pocket change and get away with it. I think not only him, but any celebrity comitting such a crime should be dealt with severly. Because they are role models to millions of people especially the youth. Such irresposible acts does not set a good example. We hear so much abt celebrities caught possesing narcotics,driving over people etc etc. I sometimes wonder if I would be able to go scot free had I comitted an offence half as severe as this? I am sure not. Is this becasue my life is less valuable than those celebrities ....I think not.

Sun Sep 29 12:39:20 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:I think Salman its time Salman stated talking once again with his acting rather than his fists or mouth or his car. He is a good actor and I am sure he will bounce back. Tell me one successful movie star who has not had controversies...Dilip Kumar, Amitabh, Dharmendra, Raj Kapoor, and Sanjay Dutt....all have had their fair share...and have not they bounced back !!! Well Salman will do so and I wish him luck. If he has done something wrong he needs to accept the mistake, repent and accept the punishment...the PUBLIC will forgive him and will love to see him back at what he is good at ....ACTING!!!!

Sun Sep 29 12:40:02 2002
City, Country:Nagpur , India
Your Views:Its high time that he should be put to mental asylum . We cannot afford to have such public figures .

Sun Sep 29 12:40:33 2002
Name:nishchal pandey
City, Country:chennai,india
Your Views:salman khan is greatest and he will come back surely from all this. this is all false .

Sun Sep 29 12:40:50 2002
Name:sanj,vik. dev...
City, Country:india
Your Views:we r realy surprised why un necessarily u r highlighting these type of peole. we think these people r getting much benefit from these type of news rather than people knowing the facts about them . we will be happy if u please stop this type of news and if u have time and space please provide something about those people who are realy contributing for the development of nations

Sun Sep 29 12:41:49 2002
City, Country:nagpur ,india
Your Views:salman is not doomed...salman is not a criminal.....

Sun Sep 29 12:42:33 2002
City, Country:nepal
Your Views:this guy alway behave very badly whether in film industry or in society .he is very self declear super hero so he need to be hang up for his stupidy

Sun Sep 29 12:43:30 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, INDIA
Your Views:Salman is Gone Crazy, after Break off With Aish I think Aish is lucky to get rid of him Slaman has always made mockery of Law and Order No one Is Above the Law He must be Punished for all wrong he has done But I doubt he will be Punished Before surrendering I am sure his Lawers must have fixed up & Planned his Release

Sun Sep 29 12:44:48 2002
Your Views:yes Salman career is over. He thinks that he is the supreme.that has brought is downfall

Sun Sep 29 12:45:28 2002
Name:Ashwin Bhambri
City, Country:Canada
Your Views:Its time indians realized that these are no heroes, just pieces of garbage that most stupid people tend to make god because their images are flashed on a 52 mm screen. Its time indians dismissed Salman Khan kind of Assholes and acknowledged people of Substance eg. Jawana who laid down their life for the Country are true heroes, but most idiots in our country do not realize this see the true picture

Sun Sep 29 12:45:33 2002
Name:Archan Rochvani
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Like Sunjay Dutt, Salman Khan will get away with whatever he lets nt waste time over what he does and why he and power can buy u anything in India. Its the future of this country that is doomed not Salman himself!!

Sun Sep 29 12:46:33 2002
City, Country:dharwad,india
Your Views: salman did no worng,because he had lost his control over driving and also his intent ion was not there.

Sun Sep 29 12:47:27 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Dear Sir, Salman Khan should act only on screen and not with lives of innocent people. He has proved himself a brute in the past and a festering bum creating nuisance with his hooliganism. Beacause of his personal problems, he should not go eccentric and kill or man handle the people just because he is filthy rich. Driving drunk is a serious offence and he should be put behind bars. Thanks.

Sun Sep 29 12:47:59 2002
City, Country:Dubai
Your Views:The only thing he needs to do is take control of his life and respect people for what they are ; the rest should follow.

Sun Sep 29 12:48:21 2002
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:if he behaves properly i wont say his career is to be doomed cozhe is agood actor no doubt abt that

Sun Sep 29 12:49:29 2002
City, Country:nz
Your Views:stupid news..who is salman after all..a human..why so hassel..get him out of the news..

Sun Sep 29 12:50:39 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I was never a fan of Salman but I always thought that he was a decent actor. But in the last few months I think he has lost his mental stability and it is waste of public money to give a Police Guard to keep him safe when he has been trying to create problems to other actors and actresses. After looking at his past few months and this accident, I think he should be shot dead in public for creating all sorts of Public nuisance.

Sun Sep 29 12:50:46 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I think Salman should go to Prison. It is high time. A Spoilt brat/A indecent humab being/a irresponsible no-good junk like him has no place in society. Down with him!!!

Sun Sep 29 12:50:59 2002
City, Country:Fremont, USA
Your Views:Salman Khan has the blood of those poor slum dwllers in his hands. If he could get away with doing this, shame on us for letting this happen, where the rich and the famous can get away with their crimes and loot.

Sun Sep 29 12:51:18 2002
Name:Srichand ma(pyschology)
City, Country:Hyderabad,India
Your Views:Though i'm not a fan of Salman or for that matter any bollywood star.I would say that the media is unnecessarily picking on him ,coz, 1)Black Buck case. He's totally at fault for commiting such a henious crime.agreed. 2)He misbehaved with them at the Enforcement Directorate(FERA) last year. Since then the media is even making a hue & cry even if he "sneeezed in public". And as for the recent incident with Ash, it was her mistake to give him wrong directions.If she did'nt know the directions,she could've asked others to guide him. Firstly he was very depressed for many other reasons including those which've been stated above.And to add fuel to the fire,she keeps him waiting outside her car for 5 hours & finally when she turns up ,speaks to him only for 5 mins,now she gives him wrong directions. We all know he's an Ego-Maniac and when Egoists are treated this way.Don't expect their behaviour to be sane. If she does'nt like him,she should end her relation rather than keep him till her prince charming comes & then dump him. I would say he was happier when she was'nt a part of his life. If he has 6 cases against him and 4 happened after Ash entered his life. And kudos to Salman for surrendering to the police.He could've easily used his influence and got somebody arrested in his place,by bribing etc.

Sun Sep 29 12:52:03 2002
City, Country:Bang-Ind
Your Views:He is not a right person to be awarded with come back. He has been in picture all for wrong things. And now when he is killer, no one can afford to forgive him. After all even if he is star, he has turned to be crimnal

Sun Sep 29 12:52:29 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:He is doomed. He should not be given a chance now esp. after the way he ran away from the accident scene instead of helping the injured ones. We should ban his movies as he no longer a HERO but a REAL-LIFE VILLAN.

Sun Sep 29 12:52:51 2002
City, Country:Abu dhabi,UAE
Your Views:he should be imprisioned if he has committed this crime

Sun Sep 29 12:53:10 2002
City, Country:Abu Dhabi
Your Views:Though i used to be a fan of salman khan .... his recent attitude and particularly after the accident i have changed my mind. NOBODY is above the Law. NOBODY ... be it the Prime Minister of India!

Sun Sep 29 12:54:20 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI,INDIA

Sun Sep 29 12:54:51 2002
Name:pradip pimpley
City, Country:Pune , India.
Your Views:Salman Khan has lost his control.He should take some treatement.He is not above law.He should be punished sevearly.What these actors think about themselves.Who has permitted him to take life of an innocent people.We are not interested whether he will bounce back or not.Is he so important personality that you should give him so much importance.

Sun Sep 29 12:55:21 2002
Name:v.suresh kumar
City, Country:hyderabad,India
Your Views:salman,doomed?nah!was the nanda kid doomed or was puru rajkumar doomed? he will have to just pull some connections and pay some "FINE" and he will get away with it...good thing he escaped from the site of the accident or he would have been lynched by the crowd ..the only thing which forces people to take law in their hands is they know there wont be any justice anyway.

Sun Sep 29 12:55:21 2002
City, Country:Dubai, UAE
Your Views:He is a spoilt child. a disgrace & has no consideration & compassion for his countrymen / poor. He should be jailed for manslaughter & should be ripped apart in press for his shocking behaviour after the incident. He deserves no special treatment. He is a shame !!

Sun Sep 29 12:55:55 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:no, he is not is bad that he got involved in an accident, but that doesn't mean that this is the end of him. he is basically a nice man and i think he will come out of this bad phase

Sun Sep 29 12:57:06 2002
City, Country:Minnesota USA
Your Views:No Doubt he is doomed. People in India value characters more than anything. He Can't bounce back till he sets right his Character.

Sun Sep 29 12:58:29 2002
Name:Prasad Menon
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views:Only the poor can get doomed. The Rich and Famous can get away with any thing in Democratic India. He is getting free publicity for his crimes and is bound to bounce back becuase of the power and money he has.

Sun Sep 29 12:59:54 2002
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:Its an inccident he do it purposely and he didn't want to kill anyone who is sleeping on the footpath. I agree he was boosed and was out of control. But stil it is an accident.

Sun Sep 29 13:00:01 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I think Salman should seriously consider auctioning his car off and using the proceeds to buy himself some hair grafts so he can look like the kid that he is. OR, maybe he should sell his car and remodify his brain to be a bit mature and resort to soap operas to help sustain himself

Sun Sep 29 13:00:38 2002
Name:Harpreet singh
City, Country:vancouver, canada
Your Views:He is not above law, so have guts and put him behind bars, and set a right example.

Sun Sep 29 13:01:24 2002
City, Country:san jose, ca
Your Views:Salman deserved what he has got.

Sun Sep 29 13:01:32 2002
City, Country:Pakistan
Your Views:salman khan always a super star, his position is no. 1

Sun Sep 29 13:03:24 2002
City, Country:INDIA

Sun Sep 29 13:03:44 2002
City, Country:pune,india
Your Views:I think that whether stars or not a person should be punished if he is found guilty or else let off all other offenders and make a common law...

Sun Sep 29 13:05:36 2002
City, Country:
Your Views:Put him in mental hospital. This rich spoilt brat has gone mad and is creating problems for all law abiding people of india. INDIA DOES NOT NEED SPOILT BRATS LIKE SALMAN AND UNDERWORLD CHAMCHA SANJAY DUTT. LOCK THEM UP AND THROW THE KEYS IN A DEEP OCEAN TO MAKE INDIA A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.

Sun Sep 29 13:05:45 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I personally feel that people who use their fame, (in his case a supposedly mistaken one), to do as they please (even to the extent of running over innocent and poor people causing death, with the knowledge that they will go scot free ( a bail of Rs.950.00!!! Hah, a traversity of our Justice system) should be incarcerated for life , for should they be set free, what's to stop them from doing it over and over again?? Yes I definitely feel he is doomed if not damned!!!!

Sun Sep 29 13:07:13 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman Khan got what he deserved. First the black buck hunting case and now this, I believe he should be put behind bars for a long time. But we all know that this isn't going to happen. Another couple of days and he will be free walking the street, and making movies (help us god) !!!!!

Sun Sep 29 13:07:26 2002
Name: God Bless Him
City, Country:India
Your Views:Why does he have to be such a cheapo? God has gifted him with all that one can ask for..good parents,good money,good career..even good love which he couldnt handle.Who in his/her right senses would want him for his own after all these near - criminal behavioural acts and attitude.Even fans do not have eternal patience for a FALLEN HERO !!

Sun Sep 29 13:09:06 2002
Name:Ananya Bhattacharya
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is the embodiment of the typical brash youngster - only he's not so young any more - who thinks he can get away with anything because he has clout and an attitude. Imagine the callousness of a man who doesn't even bother to check up on the people whom he kills and maims but sends his brother back to collect his music system.

Sun Sep 29 13:09:07 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India

Sun Sep 29 13:10:14 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:Clearly, Salman Khan is getting more attention than he deserves. He is a pathetic role model for anyone and should be punished for what he did, and not let off scot-free just cos he is 'Salman Khan'

Sun Sep 29 13:10:22 2002
City, Country:ranchi
Your Views:salman khan is culprit and should not get support.

Sun Sep 29 13:10:46 2002
City, Country:hyderabad,india
Your Views:he is doomed.he should be seriousely punished if he he found guilty in this case.

Sun Sep 29 13:10:51 2002
Name:Iqubal Sayyed
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:The way he handled the incident yesterday without even a slightest remorse or shame shows how high headed he is. He keeps on harrassing his girlfriends and even insults them in public this shows that he is a sick personality and needs to be under a psychologist.Its we public who made him what he is .. else he is not worth a penny . People should make it a point to boycott films of such arrogant chatacters who dont care for human life or society for a year so as to bring sense back into them that its we people who make them what they are and they need to show that gratitude to the society .I know that I am harsh but reality do sting hard.

Sun Sep 29 13:10:59 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:I donn think him to be a actor at all. He has become a character of fools !! and still he thinks himslef to be on the top of world even after the Deer Hunt in Rajhastan, now drunken driving, and all the hip hops that we are hearing in Media. Its shame that we have been accomodating personalites who are dangerous to society rather than helping people by doing right things.

Sun Sep 29 13:11:21 2002
City, Country:Goa
Your Views:nothing what else can u expect from these guys.

Sun Sep 29 13:11:42 2002
City, Country:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Your Views:Will he bounce back? Should he? God forbid! He's been bounced by Aishwarya! His films have bouncing! The dons are threatening to bounce him. And now, Salman has gone and bounced off a sleeping pavement-dweller! Tell him to quit bouncing and lie low.

Sun Sep 29 13:12:16 2002
City, Country:Gold Coast, Australia
Your Views:it's a sickening news. He should be punished for that but it's an impossibility in a country like india where poor can be run over so easily.And it's because the majority of the people believe in double-standards.It's also strange to note that we call ourselves sane and boast of rich culture and traditions but in the end this is the reality and this is what happens.

Sun Sep 29 13:13:23 2002
Name:Rajiv H.R
City, Country:Dubai, UAE
Your Views:I Think its a big issue cos its Salman Khan, In Bombay everyday there are accidents and a lot of people get killed due to the poor roads etc. I feel its clearly a inflated issue. I agree Salman is wrong but its not such a big issue as projected. HE IS NOT DOOMED. (

Sun Sep 29 13:14:03 2002
City, Country:Bombay, India
Your Views:No body is bothered about his career. But how come any one with a humane heart can do such type of thing in their life. These kind of people shold given life imprisonment for this act. I think in India he convieniently escape either through his influence or by way of communal card.

Sun Sep 29 13:14:22 2002
City, Country:BAngkok
Your Views:Looks like salman is paying for all his deeds

Sun Sep 29 13:14:25 2002
City, Country:BANGALORE

Sun Sep 29 13:14:27 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:well i feel he is bit dipressed doint worry buddy life is a risk so go far it and one imp thing when ur job is free of problems thats no job give ur best i am a great fun u so hope u will bounce back soon nitin here bye dear

Sun Sep 29 13:15:12 2002
Name:Deepak Kamble
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your Views:This I think is enough of Salman's escapes from the jaws of law. By sparing him we will prove our law & order as mediocre.

Sun Sep 29 13:16:36 2002
Name:Wellwisher or salman
City, Country:Mumbai , India
Your Views:Salman khan is one of the best actor. However it seems his feet are not the the ground . He need some pyscho treatment and must be under the guidance . Also he need to be settled down in life by marrying . Unless that he won't be able to pursue his career as an actor

Sun Sep 29 13:16:45 2002
City, Country:Dubai , UAE
Your Views:Salman Khan is nothing but a spoilt immature brat.Unless the authorities put him behind bars and teach him a serious lesson , I dont think he will ever mend his ways.People like Salman are nothing but a disgrace to our country with nothing but their nefarious activities to keep them in the news.His latest escapade is an absolutely unforgivable offence and has resulted in loss of life.What can be worse than that? In my opinion this rat should have been refused bail.

Sun Sep 29 13:16:50 2002
Name:Vikram Paralkar
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:No one is above the law. Salman should not be either. Whether he is doomed or not is his own outlook.

Sun Sep 29 13:16:52 2002
Name:ravi n
City, Country:Chennai,INDIA
Your Views:Tis guy has a criminal track record.He more than deserves to be punished.Can't he be given a life sentence for the atrocities he has committed?Wish he he is given one or may be two!

Sun Sep 29 13:17:07 2002
City, Country:ANDHERI

Sun Sep 29 13:17:42 2002
Name:ravi n
City, Country:Chennai,INDIA
Your Views:Tis guy has a criminal track record.He more than deserves to be punished.Can't he be given a life sentence for the atrocities he has committed?Wish he he is given one or may be two!

Sun Sep 29 13:17:42 2002
Name:Sajid Ali
City, Country:India
Your Views:Salman khan should not be allowed to roam freely, He needs a mental check up in life.

Sun Sep 29 13:18:23 2002
City, Country:dallas
Your Views:This young dude seems to have gone insane after a transformation from his broken relationship where in he was totally crestfallen. The heinous crime he has comitted offlate is a perfect example of Insanity from a physically mature but a mentally greylessmatter person. God save him from getting doomed forever ...

Sun Sep 29 13:18:56 2002
Name:Praveen Nair
City, Country:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Your Views:Nobody is above the rules and regulations of the country. A hero should be real hero, but he is always a villan in the real life. The mad Indian film audience also should pledge, we will boycott this actor and his film.

Sun Sep 29 13:19:54 2002
Name:balraj khakhar
City, Country:mumbai, india
Your Views:it is hogh time the indian government put salman khan behind bars. he has a history of a person who is irresponsible, arrogent, emotionless, shameless and senseless.

Sun Sep 29 13:19:55 2002
Name:herman amin
City, Country:Singapore
Your the Quote " Salman is in serious troub..." Killing People, Killing Endangered Species, Underworld Links, Insulting/Harassing a Women (some actress). STILL U PEOPLE REGARD HIM AS A STAR. Pls Take time to think (Especially Youth)

Sun Sep 29 13:21:32 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:I think he is completly doomed. If laws had less loopholes he might had been cooling his heels in some prison. I think his carrer got over long before.

Sun Sep 29 13:22:16 2002
Name:himanshu maheshwari
City, Country:india, himachal pradesh
Your Views:he do not understand others anything,therefore today he has to face many problems. he also drinks very much which is also very bad due to all this i did not iike him.

Sun Sep 29 13:22:33 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:If Salman was driving the car, then he should be punished.

Sun Sep 29 13:23:26 2002
City, Country:Goa, India
Your Views:I beleive that he is doing all the bad things possible in this world. But do anyone write's or talk about anything good he has done. Now one will say, what good things are they? He must be different than what others do, but leave him alone and the court decides on his recent problem. Nobody in this world is perfect. Everybody has a black side of thier own. Think over it!!!!!!!

Sun Sep 29 13:23:56 2002
Name:Vijay R K
City, Country:Mysore,India
Your Views:Dear sir, We were under the impression that Salman was only capable of killing rare and endangered animals but has he has proved this wrong by killing humans this time.Well done Salman khan,keep it up.We hope to see more heroisms of yours on helpless animals and people in the days to come. I have a word of solace for him.It is no secret that people with money are above law in this country.So dont worry Salman,u`ll be soon back and your fans will be crazier about you and your heroisms than ever before.

Sun Sep 29 13:24:23 2002
City, Country:Poona India
Your Views:doomed doomed. seems that Salman has the Midas touch for misery. all that he touches turns into misery. i would say that the circle is complete.what goes around, comes around

Sun Sep 29 13:26:56 2002
Name:hari nair
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:He should be hanged to death !!! LAW must be applicable to all ! or atleast his one arm should be cut......he should have soe empathy towards rhe injured

Sun Sep 29 13:27:40 2002
City, Country:Chennai
Your Views:Enough is enough. Let not this case also fizzle out as nothing. Let the common man know that law and justice may still be available to him. Such acts of indiscipline and rashness must be dealt with as strictly as one would treat his enemy. If Salman is let off the hook, there is no justice prevalent in the country. Please relent not. Anyway he is not a national treasure. He can be dispensed with. He will not be missed at all by anybody.

Sun Sep 29 13:27:48 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:I dont understand why do we often forget that salman & likes of sanjay dutt Majesh Manjrekar etc are all anti social & to some extent anti national too. they say something in movies play roles of perfect hero but in practice they are exactly opposite. Its we people watch their movies & make them rich, now the time has come that we should boycott them & show them the real place. They are famous because of the millions of common Indians & if they are not going to respect our feelings as well respect the law of this land we must boycott not only their movies but see that people who support them or protest against the channels which air their movie songs or promos or feature them in their special shows.Its high time that average Indian to rise over personal things & take moral stand. I mean I just cant tell my son to be honest & nice man, my son might reply that being dishonest or corrupt takes gives everything & even people dont bother about it.

Sun Sep 29 13:27:56 2002
Name:S. Yadav
City, Country:Mumbai, Maharashtra
Your Views:Serious action should be taken against Salman Khan this time. He is going scot free only because of his star status. Action should have already been taken for killing black buck. Now, for manslaughter, he should serve atleast 6 months in prison according to the IPC.

Sun Sep 29 13:28:23 2002
Name:Rashmi Gupta
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:Hii all! I feel noo big deal falling into controversies.. he would fight them all and once again come up 2 face more challenges and get widely accepted good roles soon! Carry on Salman!

Sun Sep 29 13:28:31 2002
Name:Babul Krishna
City, Country:Belgium
Your Views:This should be the final straw for Salman Khan..he has got away with too much for too long, its time for payback. The very fact that he ran away from the scene after the accident instead of taking them to the nearest hospital proves how much of a coward he really is, he is a spoilt rich brat, and its time the justice system proves that it does work but putting him in prison.

Sun Sep 29 13:29:03 2002
Name:Sanjeev . N .
City, Country:Gwalior,India
Your Views:Salman can not take victory on gorgeous Aishwarya b'coz he is only glamourous.but he can take victory over innocent and poor people as if it's a case of murder too.

Sun Sep 29 13:31:14 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:no, most of his co-stars say he a person with a heart of gold. so may be he is going through bad times

Sun Sep 29 13:32:38 2002
Name:chintan. gutka
City, Country:india
Your Views:i think he is a actor with great potential but he is goin the wrong doubt he will bounce back but it will take him some time to recover.all the best 2 him..

Sun Sep 29 13:33:01 2002
Name:Pitchandi Muthu
City, Country:Ukkarankottai, India
Your Views:He must be hanged!

Sun Sep 29 13:33:28 2002
Name:avantika sinha
City, Country:bangalore.india
Your Views:society has always categorised people very fast without knowing or understandin them. salmen sure has been in the news for various reasons and the recent episode of killin the people and injurin a few out side te bakery is sure a very horrible thing to do but what can one say gods watching and he will definitely get wat he deserves but we still love him and wish and hope tht things like these dont happen. i consolidate the family of the people who were injured and the family of the person whod dies..may his soul rest in peace.

Sun Sep 29 13:33:35 2002
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views:He's no ware in life. No care for people and i think that the court did a wrong thing by leaving him free. He's done so many wrong things and still he goes free,people can't see his past,like the hunting matter and also about Aishwarya Rai. People live for MONEY only and DIE for MONEY.

Sun Sep 29 13:34:49 2002
City, Country:bombay, India
Your Views:Star of his status can never be doomed, the things what have been written about him or are said about him is only said just because of his huge star status, these kind off things happen with every ordinary man, there are hundreds of accidents on the road, every night there are hundreds of drunk drivers knocking people off, this is not the first time things have happened, puru rajkumar had done the same thing before, so it is just normal and has been hyped because of the start status,,secondly about the aishwarya thing, thes thing happen in every relationship.. About his films, he is one of the superstars, and superstars dont go down so easily, he will be back with a bang as always.. SALMAN KHAN "once a star, always a star"

Sun Sep 29 13:34:51 2002
City, Country:pune ,india
Your Views:People like salman khan are getting what they deserve!It will be a shame if he's let off after this incident of killing a pavement dweller.He should given the severest of punishments and even should he come rest assured there won't be mnay people who will go 2 see his movies!

Sun Sep 29 13:35:01 2002
City, Country:CA, USA
Your Views:I think he should 'get a life'. His time can be well spent in many ways other than bothering Ash. I guess he is at the receiving end now ? Hope he is DOOMED...

Sun Sep 29 13:35:16 2002
Name:Suchitra Krisnamurthy
City, Country:Pune,India
Your Views:Most of the star children or their relatives have been found behaving arrogantly and erratically because of their upbringing in the shadow of larger than life figures and in the environment that is glamourous yet dubious. Salman is no exception.But he should be taught a lesson so that a clear message goes to the society that nobody,howsoever big or small,is above law.

Sun Sep 29 13:37:20 2002
City, Country:Hannover, Germany
Your Views:He is a spoiled brat. Needs proper spanking. But i feel he has enough money to influence systems in India to come out his problems

Sun Sep 29 13:38:08 2002
City, Country:chennai,india
Your Views:salman khan will be a superhit i am sure that he didin't commit any mistake knowingly. he will be a sure superhit.

Sun Sep 29 13:38:48 2002
Name:sanjib das
City, Country:calcutta,india
Your Views:he should consult some good astrologer, he having some bad patch Unfortunately the duration period is too long... any way let's hope he should bounce back.

Sun Sep 29 13:40:34 2002
City, Country:Malaysia
Your Views:Who is Salman Khan?? It is a pity that our country after 55 yars of independence , still is counted as one of the poorest countries in the world. Still a developing contry. Most of the countries who got independence decades even after our's have moved on, to higher levels. We in India are still drooling over the star value of a culprit. It is a pity to learn that people are still thronging the police station to have a glimpse of the STAR. They are least bothered about what has happened, least interested in sharing the agaony of the injured and sympthasie with the family of the dead. Who is Behra? No one knows. Pity on us. They deserve 100s of Salmans. He must be given a prsendents award for bravery. He must be felicitated for his Filmy style. He is certainily not doomed for we Indians will start to like him again. As happened in Sanjay Dutt's case. Who is worried about the hundreds dead in the bomb blast? We need Sanju da's actions. We are not satisfied with their machoism on the screen alone. We want to see them on the road, performing like in the reel life. Yatha Raja, Thatha Praja. Any one out there to challange this notion? We can make yatha praja, thatha raja. We will change first and then change the kingdom. Replace with our supine, indolent leaderships with Savvy and competent people. Who can creat strict laws to curb sociatal menaces by the highs and mighties. 30% of Indian population who are in current politics must die along with these culprits liek salman. There must be strict law enforcements on the lines of Sariya " eye for eye". A military Junta is required like in Burma / Iraq. Who says democracy is the ultimate form of govarnance? It is not,, as long as there is a Salman Khan roaming. JAI HIND.

Sun Sep 29 13:40:34 2002
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:I dont think his professional career should go for a toss as long as he gives his life towards his profession...So long as there is quality people are ready to accept....But it is always better if he is also respectable in real /social life.... That will be a feather in the cap to him...

Sun Sep 29 13:41:15 2002
Name:Gagan Kochar
City, Country:Ludhiana ,India
Your Views:Its up to one to either go ahead with all dat he has been gifted by all mighty , but this man is simply in his own world , he seems to have put this in mind dat he can do anything , no one will point finger at him , but he should get a lesson this time , i hope after this incident he is not let loose , he should be taught dat he is ordinary human being & not s hero in real life , i luv his acting , so he is one of my fav actors but at same time he is one of most stupid persons i know.

Sun Sep 29 13:41:27 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Even if he gets free through the court, people should boycott his movies and teach him a lesson.

Sun Sep 29 13:41:54 2002
City, Country:Indore,India
Your Views:in my opinion ,he should be penalised this time.

Sun Sep 29 13:42:01 2002
Name:R.K. Pandita
City, Country:Germany
Your Views:Bounce back from what? He has murdered a human being and thus should be cooling off his heels in a jail.

Sun Sep 29 13:42:04 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:The rich & the powerful always get away whatever they do (Laloo, Jayalalitha, PVN list is longer than say the river Nile), so will Salman. There is no doubt he deserves the same legal action as any ordinary person would get

Sun Sep 29 13:42:09 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Even if he gets free through the court, people should boycott his movies and teach him a lesson.

Sun Sep 29 13:42:16 2002
City, Country:hyderabad, india
Your Views:Yes, he is doomed. He is unworthy of the image of a hero with the cases that are lodged against him. The latest case against him proves beyond doubt that he is a person to be despised.

Sun Sep 29 13:42:22 2002
City, Country:Hyd,India
Your Views:A brute like Salman doesnot deserve to continue in Films.I hope that the law will punish him suitable and put him behind bars

Sun Sep 29 13:43:34 2002
Name:Ashish Khandelwal
City, Country:India, Bareilly
Your Views:At 37 he must be mature enough now but unfortunately he is not. Look at his contemporary actors like Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan who have become icon of the sorts for the current generations because they are sincere in their work and in their personal life too. They are admired by all ages. Salman khan will not be able to make a comeback because todays youth idolise sincerity.

Sun Sep 29 13:44:05 2002
City, Country:bangalore
Your Views:he has escaped so many times. This time he is doomed as the law will take its own course.

Sun Sep 29 13:45:51 2002
Name:Salman's Fanatic
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:one film in hand??? Don't talk rubbish! Salman is NOT going to be doomed! he has so many films on the way! Dil Churake - with Shilpa Shetty Sethu, Dil Jissne Apne Kaha.. Tere Naam... Marigold... & MORE !!! Just becos, he doesn't not speak to reporters, it does not mean that you all can spread ridiculous rumours about him & make everyone believe that he is a failure... THE FACT IS HE IS NOT A FAILURE !!!! We, fans of Salman will always stand up for him... we don't care what people say!!! We only follow our hearts

Sun Sep 29 13:46:36 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:He was Doomed, he is doomed, he will be doomed, unless he gets his senses right. Someone has truly said, Behind every successful man is a beautiful man. and every unsuccessful man is behind a beautiful woman.

Sun Sep 29 13:47:06 2002
City, Country:saharanpur,india
Your Views:no he is andashing n adorable actor all these are rumors. i'm die hard fan of salman the symbol of machoism.

Sun Sep 29 13:48:47 2002
Name:Mohit Ghuliani
City, Country:New Delhi, India
Your Views:As an actor people r bored and as person he deserves to be dumped As a body builder others much better. He must learn " It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice ".

Sun Sep 29 13:49:17 2002
Name:shashank nambiar
City, Country:chennai,india
Your Views:I dont think u should underestmate him cos there is no relationship with hi movie carrier and accidents and controversies.i think he is going through a bad phase thats it and he will surely come back.dont forget before shahrukh and aamir he dominated.and probabaly he is not digning more movies cos maybe he has his limitations.cos he has 1 movie in hand doesnt mean he is not being offered.i bet he will bounce back.

Sun Sep 29 13:49:50 2002
City, Country:BOMBAY

Sun Sep 29 13:50:02 2002
Name:mustaq wallah
City, Country:mumbai , india
Your Views:he should compensate the persons he killed and injured. 25 lakhs for the killed person's relatives and 15 lakhs for the injured ones. he should be given compulsory 1000 hours of social service also. and a week in jail.

Sun Sep 29 13:52:09 2002
Name:rakesh pandit
City, Country:indore,india
Your Views:yes salman khan is doomed b'cause he done a lot of things in his behaviour those who a not as a human being can be done

Sun Sep 29 13:54:30 2002
City, Country:hong-kong
Your Views:Hi there i think wht ever has happend it was not salman khan mistake he has not done anything perpously so plz be consider to him also.

Sun Sep 29 13:56:33 2002
City, Country:LA, USA
Your Views:He should be doomed.

Sun Sep 29 13:56:51 2002
City, Country:hyderabad,india
Your Views:he is not be punished ,b'coz it was a accident

Sun Sep 29 13:58:49 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:It is high time that he is doomed and banished for life. It is sad that the rich and famous get away with anything unlawful they do. Would an ordinary citizen get away from such a crime as these b.....ds get away. It is time the so called long hand of law reaches these people too and not just ordinary citizens.

Sun Sep 29 14:00:15 2002
Name:Geoffrey deSouza
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is doomed He should be put in the lock up for at least 3 years!

Sun Sep 29 14:01:02 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:It is not the acts that salman does that gets on the nerves. It is the confidence that he has that he will do as he wishes and get away with it is the thing that makes one angry. Sad, very sad.

Sun Sep 29 14:01:07 2002
City, Country:singapore
Your Views:yes he is doomed & he himself is responsible for this,he cant accept a no as he is SALMAN KHAN,he,i guess is egoistic & irresponsible,& also short tempered,he has surely lost.

Sun Sep 29 14:02:06 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Salman Khan will bounce back

Sun Sep 29 14:03:36 2002
City, Country:New Dellhi
Your Views:He will never make a comeback

Sun Sep 29 14:03:52 2002
City, Country:NEW DEHI,INDIA
Your Views:i think salman is atleast doomed in the of his love girl perhaps would like to have a jailed husband or boy friend.i think salman should fight his legal battle and settle down for good.and keep low profile.and pray for almighty that any more incidents dont happen to him.

Sun Sep 29 14:05:44 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:He should be treated like any other criminal as first of all courts didn't have any guts to book him in black buck case and now if he goes scot free in this one either than I would also like to become an actor and go on a killing rampage of humans and as well as endangered species.

Sun Sep 29 14:07:36 2002

Sun Sep 29 14:07:59 2002
City, Country:Borvili
Your Views:Do not spare him. The colour of blood is the same for all. He should be given treated like a normal murderer and punished accordingly.

Sun Sep 29 14:10:12 2002
Name:Ramesh Arya
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Yes, He seems to be doomed. He had couple of good hits, which he did not capitalise on. Instead he was in limelight for the wrong reasons. He now seems to have reached a dead end.

Sun Sep 29 14:14:33 2002
City, Country:pune,india
Your Views:He should be put in jail.

Sun Sep 29 14:16:23 2002
City, Country:new york
Your Views:yeah he is doomed certainly

Sun Sep 29 14:17:42 2002
City, Country:Portland, USA
Your Views:At once or twice everyone will go thru bad time.Salman has all the energy to set his career on wheels by himself. All the best to Salman!

Sun Sep 29 14:17:59 2002
Name:R M
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:What right does Press have to interfere with privacy of bollywood stars? Its disgusting and trivial compared to larger issues in the country!

Sun Sep 29 14:18:01 2002
Name:Kalpana Nayak
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Salman is a of a spoilt brat who thinks that his money and fame can let him get away with murder. He should be punished just like any common man would. His celebrity status puts the onus of good behaviour on him and if he needs a lesson or two on decent behaviour then he should be given the lesson perhaps in jail.

Sun Sep 29 14:18:02 2002
Name:john mathew
City, Country:bangalore,india
Your Views:what happens to the beast happens later to man. -chief seattle

Sun Sep 29 14:20:32 2002

Sun Sep 29 14:21:17 2002
Name:ranjan sahay
City, Country:raipur,india
Your Views: salman khan is a good actor but he is not serious about his acting. He is behaving like a spoiled kid . He should reliase the situation and concetrate more on acting .

Sun Sep 29 14:22:12 2002
Name:Mohammed Hamed
City, Country:Hyderabad India
Your Views:I am sure there is one man behind all these incidents i.e. Bal Takhray. Salman is not like that, He is sincere and nice person

Sun Sep 29 14:22:20 2002
Name:Taimur Asghar.
City, Country:Peshawar/Pakistan
Your Views:If salman khan has killed a man by drunk driving he should be punished according to the law of the land.And he can bounce back if he proves himself not guilty but if he is he won't.

Sun Sep 29 14:23:06 2002
Name:Taimur Asghar Qureshi.
City, Country:Peshawar/Pakistan
Your Views:If salman khan has killed a man by drunk driving he should be punished according to the law of the land like any ordinary man.And he can bounce back if he proves himself not guilty but if he is he won't.

Sun Sep 29 14:27:05 2002
City, Country:dubai
Your Views:they have money ,they can do any thing

Sun Sep 29 14:30:03 2002
Name:Vijay Garla
City, Country:Norwich, UK
Your Views:I think he is very arrogant in all aspects. If any one want to be remarkable in his profession he should be well disciplined. He forgot this basic. If he realises this he'll become wonderful star.

Sun Sep 29 14:30:07 2002
Name:Srinivas Krishnaswamy
City, Country:Indian in London
Your Views:Yes! HE is doomed. We have the best judiciary system in the world who should settle this matter quickly in 10-20 years. Salman appearing in court will depend on how he feels on the morning that particular day and just in case he is fit, his lawyer could have bowel problems. Then there is all the proof that is needed to put him behind bars. But how can these witnesses speak if notes are pushed into their mouths? So Yes! Salman is doomed. The question is when?

Sun Sep 29 14:30:26 2002
Name:manzoor ali
City, Country:mumbai india
Your Views:diificult,because he doesnt seem to come out of the rut....hes having a massive drinking problem..i think he should join some rehabilitation for his career his public image is injured ....

Sun Sep 29 14:30:26 2002
Name:t muthu kumaran
City, Country:chennai,india
Your Views:i hope he really comes out of his troubles in next couple of months time .till then he should relax and get out of media and other fancy ideas ,for him to get this name back

Sun Sep 29 14:30:52 2002
Name:t muthu kumaran
City, Country:chennai,india
Your Views:i hope he really comes out of his troubles in next couple of months time .till then he should relax and get out of media and other fancy ideas ,for him to get this name back

Sun Sep 29 14:32:47 2002
City, Country:Nashik
Your Views:Salman Khan needs doctor and not a great body. He is doomed.

Sun Sep 29 14:33:51 2002
City, Country:Calicut, Kerala
Your Views:We should not waste our time discussing about this stud. He needs a jail term. All these years of iron pumping has drained whatever brain he had to begin with, if at all if he had any, to make his showbiz muscles. Leave him alone. The best thing for him is a couple of years in the jail cell.

Sun Sep 29 14:36:14 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:This had nothing to do with fate! Its all his deeds. Its his attitude and temperament which is reflected in his he's paying for it. Everytime he is in news for one or the other wrong doings.

Sun Sep 29 14:36:35 2002
City, Country:London, UK
Your Views:U must b joking to expect salman khan to b punished. The indian law is a mistress of the rich n famous. Puru Raj Kumar, Sanjeev Nanda, Sanjay Dutt, Nadeem, Tiger Memon who escaped from Bbay airport...on n on we have a lot of examples of how law goes on its knees to do a Monica Lewinsky when it comes to famous people.

Sun Sep 29 14:37:37 2002
City, Country:BANGALORE

Sun Sep 29 14:39:14 2002
City, Country:US
Your Views:Its not a question of whether he is doomed or not. What the hell does he think of himself. He doesnt value a life. I hope he is made responsible for all the medical expenses and compensations of the injured people and punished for the death of the fourth person. And if he is proved of drunken driving he needs to be punished enough to send the message that no celebrity can take things for granted.

Sun Sep 29 14:41:36 2002
City, Country:Pune
Your Views:Its Time Salman started acting maturely (for a change) and started taking responsibily for his actions. Its a life we are talking about here... It is not a reel life that anything the hero does is pardonable. The actor need to realize that he is in just another profession and all the laws that apply to the common man apply to him too.. And not him alone but all the people in the Stardom who believe that the world is just a shoot. Get real guys!!

Sun Sep 29 14:41:53 2002
Name:John Cena
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I think Salman is in the news for all the bad reasons because of only one reason: frustration. He has been facing a turmoil not only in his career but also in his personal life. Till few years ago he had a huge fan following and this fan following is now almost nil. All this frustrates Salman and that is probably the only reason why he is there for wrong reasons.

Sun Sep 29 14:42:10 2002
City, Country:Delhi
Your Views:Salman is a spoilt kid. He has grown up without any education and lessons in public mannerism. Probably his parents were over indulgent in him so he has remained a child who can never be satisfied. The latest act was waiting to happen with him treating general public as somewhat better than insects.

Sun Sep 29 14:42:13 2002
Name:kumar v
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:he is def. not a role model to anyone. The media should stop giving such ppl. so much importance and try to focus on the contributions of socially relevant persons in india. Salman will escape from the justice, as there is no justice in India. Bribes, bought out witnesses etc. will do the trick. It will be shown that some driver was driving the car and he will so scot free.

Sun Sep 29 14:44:55 2002
Name:Vikram Srivastava
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:does all these discussion matters to any of us .....the damage has been done...someone has died, someone is injured, someone has got the bail and someone will be free after few years...and we all know these history will be repeated every now and then and the same old discussion will come up...

Sun Sep 29 14:46:58 2002
City, Country:singapoer
Your Views:His example shows us, besides mony and fame a man should have GOOD character. HE MUST BE DOOMED

Sun Sep 29 14:49:02 2002

Sun Sep 29 14:49:03 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:i think he should be left alone.poor man give him some space....the accident was wrong but let us not have sadistic pleasure by creating message boards!!!!!!!!

Sun Sep 29 14:52:23 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, INDIA
Your Views:It will be defeat of Indian democracy is Salman Khan get bail/aquittal from this case, as victims were POOR people and not son/relatives of Politicians. One can easily guess what could have been result it victim were son of Politician or instead of SalmanKhan, it was really a driver driving the car

Sun Sep 29 14:54:23 2002
Name:sallus fan
City, Country:india
Your Views:no doubt he has a good heart but he shud also have some sense of how to conduct himself .. where is his head gone? isnt he the one time smarty whos become dumb? hey sallu , apply some brains and stop tormenting urself and others

Sun Sep 29 14:55:15 2002
City, Country:madras,india
Your Views:i think salman is one spoiled brat, who doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes.fame and wealth has gone to his head.

Sun Sep 29 14:55:59 2002
Name:Anand Tripathi
City, Country:Hamilton, New Zealand
Your Views:Just see how he gets away from this simple case of drinking and driving, infact I feel not only Salman but the whole country is doomed !!

Sun Sep 29 14:56:56 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI(INDIA)
Your Views:SALMAN is in trouble & time is not walking with him at present,but he is lucky to face now in his earlier days, so that he would become mature & self reliable to become true real life 'HERO ',from reel life 'HERO', ALL THE VERY BEST FROM ME & MY FAMILY TO SALMAN. REGARDS, HEMENDRA.M.TOLIA.

Sun Sep 29 14:57:11 2002

Sun Sep 29 14:57:41 2002
City, Country:Pune - India
Your Views:With what he is getting involed into these last few years, he should be punished and I feel is doomed.

Sun Sep 29 14:57:47 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:He is a spoilt brat who should be taught civility. He has been playing with law with impunity. Time has come to send behind the bars and banish him forever from public memory.

Sun Sep 29 14:59:04 2002
City, Country:ABU DHABI - U.A.E.

Sun Sep 29 14:59:29 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:salman just because he is an actor should not be scott free.a crime is a crime judge gives bail it shows how weak are indian court is it s a real shame .

Sun Sep 29 15:00:11 2002
City, Country:Australia
Your Views:The bugger needs to be thrown out of the country. First he kills protected animals, and now he kilss humans.

Sun Sep 29 15:00:54 2002
Name:vinod thapa
City, Country:kathmandu, Nepal
Your Views:salmankhan has sealed his future prospect courtesy to his drinking habit, he seems to on the self destrution path like that of famous soccer stars Asprilla and gazza.

Sun Sep 29 15:02:28 2002
Name:ronnie mukherjee
City, Country:calcutta, country
Your Views:he is a born actor......a macho man.....he will again come out with big hits......we all love him... & want him to perform better in future

Sun Sep 29 15:02:52 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI

Sun Sep 29 15:03:00 2002
Name:ronnie mukherjee
City, Country:calcutta, country
Your Views:he is a born actor......a macho man.....he will again come out with big hits......we all love him... & want him to perform better in future

Sun Sep 29 15:03:45 2002
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:It will be very good if such arrogant non law abiding fellows are doomed, not only in films but also in every walk of life.

Sun Sep 29 15:05:01 2002
City, Country:singapore
Your Views:he is doomed

Sun Sep 29 15:07:16 2002
City, Country:hyderabad,india
Your Views:no he will not be doomed ,as if he will doomed then there will be no entertaining actor on the sets of indian bollywood and by the way i dont believe that he can drink and do such a thing . plz i think that he is being brought into trouble and i think that someone else had done that thing and left it to salman.

Sun Sep 29 15:07:23 2002
Name:Mehraaj Khalid Raina
City, Country:India
Your Views:Secularists never get doomed. Salman Khan is secular in real sense. One who did not bother to attend to or have a word of sympathy for those of his own community moved over by him, needs all kudos! Long live Salmaan. Do Hindus have any grudge? Why are there different versions about who was driving the car? Police guard should know and speak. Or is it that the police wants to mess the things to save the actor. After all, his one glimpse should pay them for their courtesy. Did Salman surrender himself or was he arrested by the police. Did he not kill time to avoid immediate blood tests? In my opinion, he is doomed, and after killing poor people, God will definitely cripple him to bounce back.

Sun Sep 29 15:09:57 2002
City, Country:kar,India
Your Views:He better be after all these misconducts..anyone neednt wish one to be doomed, but there is a limit to anything.. allah uska bhala kare..

Sun Sep 29 15:10:16 2002
Name:Krishna Mohan
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views:Its a shame on the Government if it did'nt took severe action against Salman. This is not for the first time that he is exposed to his wrong doings. The relationship between Salman and Aishwarya is their personnel matter and we are no were interested in it. But the crimes he commited against the endangered specious and his recent rash driving, killing an innocent life, is unforgiveable. Severe action without any discrimination should be taken against Salman and its the time to prove that no one is above Law.

Sun Sep 29 15:12:45 2002
Name:kiran kumar
City, Country:hyderabad
Your Views:yes it is a foolishness by salman.I think he maintaining a relationships with underworld dons .Yes he is ma9intaining .Just to keep away all this things ,he telling his threats to police.

Sun Sep 29 15:14:59 2002
Name:Krishna Mohan
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views:If the Indian Government fails to punish Salman then its the time for the people of India to punish him. Boycott his films and do not watch and encourage other to watch Salman's movies.

Sun Sep 29 15:15:48 2002
City, Country:dubai, UAE
Your Views:Sure i like him.. but as i read at rediff, he did not even care to get those guys to hospital, he crashed hs car into!! thats what a decent human who is really feeling guilty would b xpected to do!! Atleast v xpect this from a model who comes forward to da public all the time!! but he surely did not deserve da beating by da localites at da site!! n e wayz may Almighty have some mercy on him!! n he hopefully comes back as a star!!

Sun Sep 29 15:16:48 2002
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views:Salman Khan will come back with a big Bang.

Sun Sep 29 15:19:17 2002
City, Country:Reston,USA
Your Views:He is going through his bad phase.I think ,Salman does not have courage to face it.He should learn from a common man how to move on in life.

Sun Sep 29 15:21:29 2002
City, Country:Lahore, Pakistan
Your Views:Salman khan will INSHALLAH bounce back...he is alwayz made the vicitim...but i just want to tell the world that his fans are alwayz with him till they live...AMEEN!

Sun Sep 29 15:22:08 2002
Name:Bhavesh Vasa
City, Country:Kolkata
Your Views:If he has done this accident than he should be punished as a normal citizen. He shouldn't be excused at any way as he a filmstar, as being a filmstar he has no right to break the law.

Sun Sep 29 15:22:10 2002
City, Country:singapore
Your Views:he should be punished for what he has done.

Sun Sep 29 15:22:56 2002
Name:Manish D Desai
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:he should punish now it is enough

Sun Sep 29 15:22:56 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:he should be released on humanarious grounds

Sun Sep 29 15:23:32 2002
City, Country:hyderabad,india
Your Views:no way man!!!!he isnt gonna be finished now and that too so soon.....hes gonna bounce back pretty soon and that too hard....just sit back and check.....people's memory is too weak to even remember the will be erased from their memory just like the puru rajkumar and the nanda accident....hes gonna make a splash anytime now!!!!! best of luck man....!!!

Sun Sep 29 15:24:19 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:Oh. He will bounce back all right..we like it or not! All it requires is a new movie..perhaps a hit and all of us who are denouncing these will also see it and forget it.... It definitely is not the first time he is flirting with the law (And everything else!!) ..and still is a cynosure of media...

Sun Sep 29 15:24:53 2002
City, Country:Australia
Your Views:Hi readers, More than to say he is doomed. The people who were at the recieving end in the road accident should be shown some justice. Salman should be thought a lesson so that every person realises the life of other people

Sun Sep 29 15:24:56 2002
City, Country:Dubai, U.A.E.
Your Views:No doubt Salman is a good actor but why is he trying to be bad. I think he is too proud which resulted him land into such troubles. You can't say that his carrier is doomed. He may shine again after he is proved innocent. Everyone in India who is rich is innocent. Yeah ?

Sun Sep 29 15:26:24 2002
Name:amrita warrier
City, Country:Bangalore,India
Your Views:Movie stars should conduct themselves better .If not role model like NTR MGR etc atleast they should stay out of such horrifying acts.Directors and producers should not give him hero role instead villain role .Instead of giving nice people as villains and dooming their career.I feel the Janata Janardan will reject him as hero from now onwards

Sun Sep 29 15:28:01 2002
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:Hope he is taught a lesson this time atleast. Note "hope" , since he is most likely to get away after some time. Some innocent person is going to own up for this incident. It will not even be a Landcruiser that is involved, it would be a truck (does this ring a bell - does anyone remember the famous BMW turned truck story involving Nanda ?)

Sun Sep 29 15:28:20 2002
City, Country:delhi , india
Your Views:He should be immediatly arrested

Sun Sep 29 15:29:10 2002
Name:Lalitha gururaj
City, Country:bangalore,India
Your Views:He had done lot of illegal works. He will doom.He should not bounce back

Sun Sep 29 15:29:14 2002
City, Country:TRIVANDRUM
Your Views:speed thrills but kills. this is common with life and a kind of uncontrolled life also. let him take his share of destiniy. let us all avoid him

Sun Sep 29 15:29:41 2002
City, Country:raji_punjabi
Your Views:salman khan is actually a very good human being , but he's been destroyed by the media , the only thing he should do is to forget aishwarya he is a per5son who'll defeniately bounce back and that to with a bang.

Sun Sep 29 15:30:57 2002
City, Country:florida,US
Your Views:i really pity with dear salman....hope! he will be back to his own sense .....

Sun Sep 29 15:32:18 2002
Name:S. Khalid Husain
City, Country:Muscat, Oman
Your Views:Obviously, in this country, the rules can be easily bent by powerful and rich class. After killing people, Salamn was let off on bail, very clearly the charges framed against him were very weak. He must be punished to make him remind that he is a star, he is not above the rule.

Sun Sep 29 15:33:12 2002
Name:shaikh riyaz
City, Country:india
Your Views:salman has to keep his mind cool and concentrate on his work than doing all sorts of nonsence in the public,and spoiling his image he is talanted and will make money while the sun shine. rainy days are yet to come,

Sun Sep 29 15:34:09 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:It's nauseating as to how the rich and famous get away with murder in this country. It's high time people decide the fate of these inebriated idiots who think money can buy their way out of everything -- even a poor man's life and return to their pathetic existence in the limelight. Get a life Salman -- face up and pay the price in jail!

Sun Sep 29 15:35:49 2002
City, Country:Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Your Views:In the first place, the so-called Salman Khan success is hard to understand. A scrawny guy who looked like a weasel when he first entered films, he was no doubt persuaded by the brawn of some of his contemporaries to develop some of his own. Or maybe he realized that without an iota of acting talent, that was the only thing which could keep him going. Over 50 or more mediocre or worse films later it is indeed a wonder that the paying public should even spend money to see this pathetic creature. About his personal life spanning Pakistani actresses to Sangeeta Bijlanis to blackbucks to mafias and dumb ex-Miss Worlds, the less said the better. One hopes that someone does this world a favour by locking him away and keeping him out of harm's way for some time to come.

Sun Sep 29 15:39:06 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your Views:Movi-goers should check the credibility,sensibility & decency of people on the screen.You can avoid a lot of issues like this and have a right society & country.

Sun Sep 29 15:39:24 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:he is dooomed but he can come back

Sun Sep 29 15:39:42 2002
City, Country:Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Your Views:I think that this kind of a wild guy ought to be simply boycotted by the simple public of India - what a ridiculous man Salman Khan is! attempting all kinds of things in real life and trying all those sick roles in reel life - he really is a pain. This thing about having run a poor man over in a state of drunkenness is the absolute limit - hope he gets the stiffest punishment possible for an offence of this magnitude and is not bailed out by his "friends".

Sun Sep 29 15:40:02 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:It is people like salman khan who just do any damn thing and get away with....if in place of salman , a normal human being had hit someone on the road, he would have been tortured by the police...WHY should salman be spared, after all he has killed one person and injured 3 others...i am ashamed that this is the justice people get in our country...PUT SALMAN behind bars

Sun Sep 29 15:40:53 2002
City, Country:kharagpur,india
Your Views:u people are just stupid. how do u say that salman's career is doomed. he is the most handsome man in bollywood. please dont say all these things for the sake of his fans at least

Sun Sep 29 15:42:18 2002
City, Country:delhi, india
Your Views:a good actor gradually killing himself. i personally think he should bounce back

Sun Sep 29 15:42:19 2002
Name:ram pawar
City, Country:MUMBAI,INDIA
Your Views:yes,salman khan is doomed These type of people are getting security, by which other people are feeling unsecure. and yes khan has touched rock bottom.He can't make it again. Peole will not accept him again.

Sun Sep 29 15:42:20 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views: Simply he does not deserve star status, what he is enjoying now.

Sun Sep 29 15:44:47 2002
City, Country:europe
Your Views:he should be put behnd the bars.

Sun Sep 29 15:44:50 2002
City, Country:Mumbai

Sun Sep 29 15:47:55 2002
City, Country:glasgow,uk
Your Views:salman must be arrested for life....who does he think he is? he cannot and should not get away with everything.remember hunting down a black buck.alright...thats it..he got away..fine..not anymore..he cannot keep commiting sins and get away with it...The world is not spinning for him to live..

Sun Sep 29 15:50:56 2002
City, Country:pune
Your Views:he should be punished for killing

Sun Sep 29 15:51:06 2002
Name:Pavan Pachauri
City, Country:Kanpur,India
Your Views:Salman is worthless person.It looks like if he does'nt have any respect for others or he has lost his sense.

Sun Sep 29 15:51:19 2002
Name:Rajeev Gandhi
City, Country:United Kingdom
Your Views:Yes, if this is way Salman Khan is going to act and behave. He has been allowed so many chances till now. He seems to be a very talanted person and seems to have have worked his way all through his life. But it seems that he has come to a limit and he needs to change. Yes, its understandable that he may or is going through a bad phase in his life. But its like to gain something one has to loose something. He has to maintain a very cool head and be very level headed. Every one has problems and things can be sorted n life. I wish him good luck and would like to see him back.

Sun Sep 29 15:51:46 2002
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:actor or not, Murder is murder You cnat expect him to get away wiht killing somebody. This is stupid

Sun Sep 29 15:56:54 2002
Name:G. Shankar Sahu
City, Country:Allahabad,India
Your Views:yeah....i think he is doomed. bcoz when one cannot understands the feelings of common man then God is no more with him. killing a poor man and injuring others is really has crossed a limit. I believe he must be punished for this and also a rigorous punishment.

Sun Sep 29 16:02:53 2002
Name:satish kumar
City, Country:singapore
Your Views:yea really he doomed,acting is always not important , but their personal behaviour is so important , he dont have good qualities, so better to change his attitude else reject these stupid person forever

Sun Sep 29 16:10:46 2002
Name:Debabrata Pradhan
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views: He should get punishment for his wrong deeds and should give full compensation to the deceased.

Sun Sep 29 16:13:07 2002
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:People like salman are a sstigma to the society.he should be hanged publicly,so that otuer stars and stars to be get a lesson that they are not above law.

Sun Sep 29 16:13:42 2002
City, Country:mumbai india
Your Views:this guy has become a public nuisance.he should not be allowed to get away with his heinous acts.he should be given very severe punishment.

Sun Sep 29 16:23:28 2002
Name:radha rani
City, Country:new delhi ,India
Your Views:He should n`t be allowed to get away.He should be taught such a lesson which is a lesson not only to him but other celebrities too as they owe more responsibility to society than ordinary individuals.

Sun Sep 29 16:24:08 2002
Name:Rohan Sabharwal
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:People like Salman Khan are never "doomed". They always manage to swindle their way out of any situation.The cops are going be bribed, the families of the victims are going to be paid off and told to "zip-it", some politician will get involved and save sallu's ass. Well, what can one say, he'll definitly bounce back. Afterall how long will all this hype(concerning the drunken driving case) last for??, it's going to die out and Sallu is going to go back to making silly movies, whacking and stalking Miss Worlds,destroying sets,getting sloshed and creating scenes. About his career....ummm... let the box office decide. diddley-diddly-daddly-do

Sun Sep 29 16:29:32 2002
Name:bhavesh kanakia
City, Country:mumbai.india
Your Views:there seems to one side story every time.salmankhan because of his high temprament might not be represented by media.he also should be heard.he has helped many poors and he seems to be of big hearted. although his resh driving is not justifiable & he should be punished as common man,but because people love aishverya so they listen to her & only her & not salman it is not fair.

Sun Sep 29 16:29:35 2002
Name:A disgusted citizen
City, Country:Chennai
Your Views:Salman will probably be forgiven and aken back into the industry. After all the power of money triumphs in this country where criminals get away if they belong to the moneyed class!!

Sun Sep 29 16:30:14 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:he should be severly punished like life sentence.he is making fun of indian law,that's all he is doomed.if he comes out of this people will never believe in indian law

Sun Sep 29 16:30:25 2002
City, Country:hyderabad, india
Your Views:its time the media realises thats its a waste of collective national attention on someone who obviously has neither grown up to the stardom nor has the ability to do so. rather than wasting newsprint, newsbytes on such thrash, the exact treatment that we can offer these jokers is a total blackout for the individual from the media, print and the national psyche.. for its exactly the element of popularity that makes these below ordinary people think that they are super human.. chuck them yaar, we got better things to talk about..

Sun Sep 29 16:33:27 2002
Name:Sanjeev Ranjan
City, Country:India
Your Views:First of all Hang him to death for killing people while driving, or he should pay Rs 1,00,000/- each to all enjured and killed people with atleast 2-3 years of jail. No view for this kind of person.

Sun Sep 29 16:33:29 2002
City, Country:mumbai.
Your Views:Salman is not doomed he'll surely back but he should take care now as things are not at all in favour for him. he should take blessing instead of curses of poor people whom he drove over.

Sun Sep 29 16:37:40 2002
Name:Mihir Vaidya
City, Country:Pune , india
Your Views:He's too old or atleast looks too old to bounce back . He has really doomed himself after all those fantastic performances in khamoshi , hum apke hain kaun and hum dil de chuke sanam.But who feels pity for him? He has deserved it after all these ill doings.

Sun Sep 29 16:39:06 2002
City, Country:Maharashtra, India
Your Views:I think he is a success but needs to control his anxiety & insecurity. He will definitely bounce back.

Sun Sep 29 16:39:26 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:I think these all are part of our life. I don't think that he will doomed but the only thing i wants to know about his reaction after the car accident if he sincerly accepted his mistakes and rectify it then he will bounce back soon.

Sun Sep 29 16:39:31 2002
Name:Radha Durbha
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Personally I stopped watching his movies when I came to know that he shot blackbucks for fun! I am sure he found the same thrill driving his car rashly. This guy deserves to be behind bars.... this is definitely not one-off. I wonder what Ms. Rai saw in him to court his friendship at all.

Sun Sep 29 16:39:55 2002
Name:die-hard salman fan
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:He will bounce back.Those close to him can vouch for the fact that he is a genuinely nice.The press magnify every little thing he does.Though i wish he gets over Ash and moves ahead in life!!!!

Sun Sep 29 16:42:15 2002
City, Country:Manama, Bahrain
Your Views:People are bored seeing his monotonous overacting. Right time he takes his retirement.

Sun Sep 29 16:42:29 2002
Name:Amita Verma
City, Country:Lucknow, India
Your Views:I don't think Salman is doomed. He has the knack of getting into wrong situations and must learn to control his temper. He is going through a emotionally turbulent patch and needs comforting support from family and friends.Lady Luck has dodged him far too long in matters of the heart and he needs an understanding companion who can provide emotional support.

Sun Sep 29 16:43:00 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:No..he is a very versatile actor.. one day he will come out of these unwanted happening

Sun Sep 29 16:46:25 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are anti-social elements. They should be behind bars.They don't belong to the civilized society.

Sun Sep 29 16:46:38 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views: Salman need not bounce back.Nobody needs him here in India. Good that he is touching the rock bottom.Unfortunately,he is still there in the Film Industry!!He should be thrown out!!

Sun Sep 29 16:47:16 2002
Name:pavan asnani
City, Country:visakhapatnam,andhra pradesh,india
Your Views:hi i am pavan asnani from india, i cant belive that salman have done this as one man is dead. i hope that salman may learn a lesson from this incident.any way i am very big fan of him and he is the one i like most in all the actors. well i will pray for him that he will be saved from the police case.any way please write about him and the case as fast as possible at

Sun Sep 29 16:47:33 2002
Name:smita roy
City, Country:pune.india.
Your Views:i think a stars mistakes are always hyped up and the stars get away everytime. this does no good but only helps to bring more shame to the police dept. will salman's case be any different. i think police should start doing constructive work. all the best. we citizens look up to u guys.

Sun Sep 29 16:49:20 2002
City, Country:Riyadh
Your Views:Whatever it is, he deserves to be doomed. What a waste of space and time he is.

Sun Sep 29 16:49:26 2002
City, Country:Tokyo, Japan
Your Views:I was never impressed with this guy!

Sun Sep 29 16:52:36 2002
City, Country:bombay
Your Views:I think he will bounce back surely

Sun Sep 29 16:53:16 2002
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:Salman must be feeling that he can get away with anything even murder.He might or might not bounce back but i would not enjoy watching him perform.

Sun Sep 29 16:59:51 2002
Name:gautham n.d
City, Country:mangalore,india
Your Views:its high time justice be done, prove that its really unbiased,..hell,this isnt another buck hunt where he can slip away from the country's law 'cos hes a celebrity,..yes,its high time

Sun Sep 29 17:02:53 2002
Name:Satish Kumar
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:I couldn't care less weather Salman Khan's career. I sincerely hope that he gets punishment for the crimes that he has committed......

Sun Sep 29 17:03:43 2002
Name:george john
City, Country:cochin,kerala
Your Views:give him a chance.everybody does.well about the latest lets wait until the facts are out.

Sun Sep 29 17:05:28 2002
City, Country:vijayawada,india
Your Views:i don't know why salman khan is not being punished by the indian government, though he is involved in many perverted activities. once upon a time he was involved in animal killing and now he is involved in accident. atleast now,the indian government should take serious action against him and should punish him severely.

Sun Sep 29 17:07:31 2002
Name:Sameer Rizvi
City, Country:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Your Views:No he isn't,he's just going through a rough phase! I know alot of people who are still die-hard salman khan fans(not counting myslef) even after hearing that he was accused of driving over a man while being drunk. I dont personally approve of all that he has been upto these past few years but I do believe the Indian public,as they so often do, will forget this whole incident and just carry on with their lives as if nothing happend. I cant say the same for salam because I dont know him,maybe he'll have the decency to support the family of the person who lost his life,regardless of whether he was actually driving the car or not, or he just may be a self centred person (maybe aishwariya split with him for that reason!). Who knows? Time will tell. He might just end up doing mature roles and win the public's heart with his good deeds. Salman, if you are reading this then please, please help the family of that man who died. It'll be the least you can do. I'm sure he had dreams and with your resources it'll be the easiest thing for you to fullfill them for his family. If he has children then send them to schools, if he has a wife, then get her a job, if he has ailing parents then make sure they get their medical treatment. It's the only way you will find peace within yourself.

Sun Sep 29 17:11:55 2002
City, Country:B'lore, India
Your Views:Hope he is.Coz he didnt have talent in any case. Just good fortune, now he has thrown that away too. Bye Salman.

Sun Sep 29 17:12:31 2002
City, Country:Bombay, India
Your Views:Everything that goes up... comes down

Sun Sep 29 17:12:47 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:i think he is doomed forever- for an actor he was always too explosive but now ppl have come to know that as a person even he is not good. killing a person is a serious crime, how many times has the police told not to drink and drive and a rich person like "salmaan khan" could always afford a driver so.....

Sun Sep 29 17:13:12 2002
City, Country:Houston, USA
Your Views:I hope Salman Khan gets convicted and spends a few years in jail. Since he is alreadty out on bail that too for a paltry sum of Rs. 950 which reflects our judiciary system this case is as good as any celebrity or a politician getting away after committing a horrific crime.

Sun Sep 29 17:13:41 2002
City, Country:B'lore, India
Your Views:Hope he is.Coz he didnt have talent in any case. Just good fortune, now he has thrown that away too. Bye Salman.

Sun Sep 29 17:13:45 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Salman has already shown his criminal tendencies in public right from the buck hunting case. He should defenitely brought to the law and punished.

Sun Sep 29 17:17:47 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Theres no doubt that Salman has made news for many a wrong reasons. But when he did make news for the right reasons, how many times was acclaimed as a good person? I think he is a good person as well as a good actor. He never got the appreciation for the good he did. He was always in the bad books of journalists again for wrong reasons. I think Salman shall bounce back. But then this time he should take a personal interest in the families of the people who were involved in the accident and help them stabilize emotionally as well as financially. As far as his affair with Aishwarya is concerned, why should we bother? Its their personal problem and let them take care of it.

Sun Sep 29 17:21:15 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:I think this latest accident should be looked at from the perspective of ' Can Drinking & Driving go together'. Rich kids in India get reckless after they drink, and I am amazed how can a Mumbai cop allow Mr. Khan to drive a car after he is drunk - and be seated in the same car ! If that was curbed at the first step, some innocent lives would have been saved. Regarding his private life, I think we should not bother.

Sun Sep 29 17:21:26 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Salman should be taken into custody and prosecute to the full extent and prove that nobody is above the law. Indian judicial system must set an example by punishing Salman and send a warning that the wrongdoers will be punished to the full extent of law whoever they may be. Salman should also compensate the families of the victims.

Sun Sep 29 17:23:22 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:I do not think he is doomed; these film folks seem to go away scotfree somehow. Remember a similar incident with Puru Raj Kumar. Howeever, I feel that Salman deserves it if he is put behind bars for a lengthy period of time. He is an indisciplined brat who needs a bit of whipping.

Sun Sep 29 17:23:45 2002
Name:Josey John
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:Salman Khan the criminal SHOULD go to jail for a long time. Why should life be any less valuable just because Salman is a movie star?

Sun Sep 29 17:25:07 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:He will bounce back. Public memory is short lived. And its Money that makes the difference. Once you are in the A group , everything is possible .. If you have the bucks you can buy your way thru anywhere in India.

Sun Sep 29 17:25:30 2002
City, Country:pune
Your Views:salman khan should be punished like any ordinary people.he has been commiting many offences but being left .law and order is not working at his case.

Sun Sep 29 17:27:03 2002
City, Country:Saudi Arabia
Your Views:With recent news and deeds it seems that he deserve to touch rook bottom only. He is breaking hearts of thousands of his fans.

Sun Sep 29 17:28:28 2002
Name:D sarkar
City, Country:Kolkata,India
Your Views:salman khan should be treated as a criminal like all other traitors.

Sun Sep 29 17:30:07 2002
City, Country:Jhansi
Your Views:yes... he has proved to be an imbalanced and unpredictable personality...

Sun Sep 29 17:30:24 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:If you have money in India, you can get away with anything. I will not be surprised if he gets away with this as well. (Mind you, he has lots of money.)

Sun Sep 29 17:30:29 2002
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:no, salman is not doomed., he will definitely bounce back in the film industry.. after all..he has many fans! yes, but it may be wrong..for his driving.

Sun Sep 29 17:30:36 2002
City, Country:Jamshedpur, India
Your Views:Salman should be punished. Things can't go the way he wants.

Sun Sep 29 17:30:46 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:I hope he is doomed. We should stop watching his films. Unless he is punished for what he has done , he will never improve.

Sun Sep 29 17:33:02 2002
City, Country:duabi,u.a.e
Your Views:Guys like Salman who dont even ahve respect for human values can never survive let alone bouce back.

Sun Sep 29 17:33:09 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views: Everyone makes mistakes . We are not perfect . He didn't do it deliberately . He should do something about his anger , have control on it . He will definetely do well in future .

Sun Sep 29 17:33:18 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:salman shodny have done it bet we all know what phase in life he's goin through!! A broken relationship and its real tought to forget a gal who uv'e been with for 2 yrs!! its real difficult

Sun Sep 29 17:34:41 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:i don't think it is fair to pinpoint salmaan just bcoz he's a star.the good things he does r never published by the media only the bad things are.he will bounce back.

Sun Sep 29 17:38:32 2002
City, Country:Chennai,India
Your Views:i think he will bounce right back as, the more controversial a person is, irrespective of whether for the right reasons or for the wrong ones,the greater the publicity and the gerater the publicity, adverse or otherwise ,the greater the following and the higher you climb in India

Sun Sep 29 17:42:01 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:I do not undrsatnd why we even bother about a non entity about Salman Khan. He does not have any major hit to his nameand is always in news for all wrong reasons. It is time we all forget the name Salman Khan.

Sun Sep 29 17:42:22 2002
City, Country:Bangalore,India
Your Views:He obviously is doomed if others act sensibly. But not always things go the way rules are laid. He should be definitely punished for killing an innocent person because of his reckless driving. How long can he pile up his wrong doings ? Isn't there an end to it ? Are people not willing to punish a culprit like this ? This time if he again manages to get off this case and starts leading life the way he wants, then it's a shame on the police force !!! Be it whoever culprit should be punished !

Sun Sep 29 17:45:06 2002
Name:robert dass
City, Country:india
Your Views:this guy needs to be punished, he thinks he can do whatever he feels and gets away with it, i am very proud that ash has broken the relationship, how can she ever think of a relationship with this guy, she deserves the best and for that she needs patience

Sun Sep 29 17:45:35 2002
Name:Brijesh Rawat
City, Country:New Delhi, India
Your Views:This salman guy dont have common sense he can't differiantiate between reel and real life. He thinks he can do anything he can kill deer's he can kill human being.and behave ur self convey this message to ur pampered brother's As well

Sun Sep 29 17:48:46 2002

Sun Sep 29 17:48:59 2002
Name:jatin vyas
City, Country:anand/india
Your Views:some people think that they are the kings of india.they should always remember their time is up.people have to boycot this kind of mean minded and crazy actors and actresses.our country has been ruined due to the so called bollywood.they always copy the films ,theams and the styles of hollywood.they play with the emotions of people of india.they act honest on screen but in real life they are worst than the common people of our country. they are not the gods,they should be punished harder than the normal offender because people always follow them. jay hind/long live india.

Sun Sep 29 17:48:59 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:'Noone is above Law'. Being a celebrity, it is his added responsibility to obey the law. Look at Aamir Khan. I have never heard such things about him. Once, you can forgive him. But killing a person, he is to be punished. No excuse is good enough for taking life.

Sun Sep 29 17:49:11 2002
City, Country:NewYork,USA
Your Views:Khan wants security from the Mumbai police after he received threatening calls from the underworld, Now he is threatening poor people. Is that right salman?

Sun Sep 29 17:49:44 2002
City, Country:Calcutta, India

Sun Sep 29 17:51:33 2002
City, Country:NJ, USA
Your Views:I hope, wish and pray that Salman never gets an opportunity to act again. First we had the BUCK killing incident and now the running over of four poor people. The sad part is he is granted bail and is free roaming around. Just because he is a star does not mean that he has a licence to do unlawful acts. I strongly urge the public in India to boycott all the movies of Salman (if it ever comes again) and let him know where he belongs - in the TRASH.

Sun Sep 29 17:52:06 2002
City, Country:auckland, NZ
Your Views:typical spoilt brat

Sun Sep 29 17:53:56 2002
City, Country:mumbai, india
Your Views:The way he handled the situation , did not bother to take the injured to the hospital and getting away from his responsibility , so did his brother who just came to pick the cd player not bothering about dead and injured really puts them in bad light. I never expectd them to fall such low levels , mistakes do happen but not bothering bout them makes the difference between a good or a bad person

Sun Sep 29 17:54:01 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:my view of salman khan is clear. he is not intentionally doing any such deeds. please do not interfere in his personal life. and let him live a life free of worries. thankx

Sun Sep 29 17:54:49 2002
Name:jayant prabhune
City, Country:pune,india
Your Views:he needs to go for meditation and art of living urgently.

Sun Sep 29 17:56:47 2002
City, Country:roorkee,india
Your Views:these are just ways to revive is waning popularity

Sun Sep 29 17:57:18 2002
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:It is a matter of surprise that still such bad characters hold the reputation of the film going public of India. It is high time for the people to reject the actors who have records of crime, anti-nationalism and drug addiction.


State your views!
Is Salman doomed?

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