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The Worst Films of 2006

January 04, 2007
It's extremely easy to get carried away with a 'worst Of' list.

Given that Bollywood churns out over 250 unwatchable films a year, instincts veer immediately toward venting at this year's bottom of the barrel -- a new low for disability gags, bad actors cementing their status, and the regurgitation of numerous Korean DVDs -- yet caution must be exercised against this frothing at the mouth.

Which do you think were the worst films of the year? Tell us!

For these are films we know from the outset to be awful. This list won't have a point if it berates horrible boxing films and those named after boxing classics. What we need to discuss are the films that have let us down bad, disappointments and disasters coming from filmmakers and actors we hold in high regard.

The following are 10 films we expected something from, and they gave us less than nothing. As always, however, some of these are the year's biggest successes.

Text: Raja Sen
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