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The Year That Was: 2007
Rediff looks back at the highs and lows, the successes and failures, the heroes and villains, the wild and the overblown that made this year.

The fashion trends of 2007

December 13, 2007

The year is drawing to a close, people, and it's time to take a look at the fashionable trends of these last twelve months! It's been revolutionary, with literally dozens of new styles taking root, both for men and for women. Designers have come up with several delightful looks that have become a rage on the red carpet, international runways and at social dos.

Womenswear this year has seen considerable changes -- the asymmetrical tops, ponchos, boot-cut pants and clutch purses of last year have now made way for skinny jeans, wedge heels, leggings and empire waist dresses.

Ditto for men -- instead of merely tweaking the trends a wee bit, which is often the case, designers presented a clear-cut wardrobe for the fashion-conscious male this year, ditching sagging denims, psychedelic shirts and baseball caps for clothing with a little more zing -- linen pants, moccasins and oversized neck scarves.

Of course, there are those who are so hell-bent on making sure that they're keeping up with the fickle fashion world that they opt for over-the-top dressing (yes, metallic shades are in and leggings are in -- but have you ever seen a pair of gold lame leggings doing the rounds? Tsk tsk!). So make sure you opt for 'wow' and not 'whoa!'

Let's flag off, then, without further ado, the fashion year that was 2007!

The balloon dress

One of the hottest items of clothing for women this season is, undoubtedly, the balloon dress. A balloon dress is essentially one which has a loose, flowing cut that culminates in a fitted or elasticised hemline, thus creating a ballooning effect. The style was popular in the 1960s and has made a huge comeback this year, along with other trends that belong to the same decade -- oversized sunglasses, leggings etc.

The garment is suited to a host of different occasions -- you can team a balloon dress with flipflops or sandals and a large handbag for a day at the beach, or with a pair of stilettos and a chic tote purse for a night on the town. The billowing comfort of such a dress will also ease your mind about an extra pound or two that you've gained and will give you a classy look, as compared to a body-fit, stretch-it-till-you-burst outfit.

Besides dresses, balloon blouses and balloon shorts are also doing rounds of the fashion circuit at the moment and from the looks of it, the trend will carry well into the better part of 2008.

Text: Sanaya Dalal. Photographs: Uttam Ghosh and Rajesh Karkera
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