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Best of Malayalam Movies

January 2, 2007
2006 has been a year of hope for Malayalam cinema. After slipping to abysmally low levels, Malayalam cinema has finally wrenched itself up, and it has happened due to the efforts of some dedicated directors. The heartening fact is that the 'good' films made were accepted wholeheartedly by the audience.


Blessey is one such director who makes sensible, sensitive films that have a strong story. His films remind us of the films made by directors like the late stalwarts Padmarajan and Bharatan, and K.G.George. The golden period of Malayalam films was dominated by these directors. Blessey worked as an assistant to Padmarajan and that apprenticeship shows in his story telling.

Last year he made his first film, Kaazhcha. This year, there is Thanmatra. Though released in the last week of December 2005, Thanmatra was seen and talked about during the entire 2006. Thanmatra is the story of a 45 year old government employee who gets afflicted by Alzheimer's disease. Backed by a wonderful and unparalleled performance by Mohanlal, Thanmatra is the best film of 2006.

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Text: Shobha Warrior
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