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The top 10 Bollywood films, 2006

10. Pyaar Ke Side Effects

December 26, 2006
Director: Saket Choudhary

Starring: Mallika Sherawat, Rahul Bose, Ranvir Sheorey, Sharat Saxena

This came out of nowhere. Debutant director Saket Choudhary -- you may know him as the man who wrote Asoka -- started off with a bizarre casting combination, bringing together The Woman Of Bosom and The Man Of Bluster. Not a promising film in any way, this one sprung a whammy giving us a romantic comedy that was actually both romantic and often uproariously funny: not usual Bollywood fare at all.

Yes, the jokes were predictable. Yes, a lot is scooped out of Hollywood rom-com standards, including the flavour. Yet it's amusing and new to desi cinemas, and very watchable indeed. Mallika Sherawat is an absolute revelation -- the woman can act, and has sharp comic timing -- and the film is worth it just for Ranvir Sheorey's brilliance. Try and sit through the painful Frank Sinatra lift (My Way, no less!), because The Scoreboard is one of the best written comic scenes on screen this year.

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Text: Raja Sen
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