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The ten worst Hindi films of 2005

Contrary to popular belief, this was a hard list to compile.

As opposed to the Best Films list, nominees for this one kept suggesting themselves, and for a while it looked like we were going to do a 50 Worst Films feature.

But better sense (and a lack of patience) prevailed, and we decided to go with the year's biggest disappointments -- the films we expected something from, the ones that let us down.

There are a couple of hundred awful films, but they're the films we knew would be awful. This bunch is groanworthy stuff that had (some kind of) potential, at least on paper.

These are the movies that betrayed us. And we were nice. While a few films definitely qualify for this year's crop of turkeys, we chose not to include movies with even a single redeeming virtue. Which basically means a lot of really bad films were saved merely by the cinematographer.

Text: Raja Sen

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