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June 30, 2006   

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10 players we will miss

Heartbreaks are as much a part of World Cup football as celebrations.

And while the fittest live to battle another day, one can't help but feel for the brilliant players who fall on the road to World Cup glory.

A look at 10 players lovers of the game will miss after the first two rounds of World Cup 2006.

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Michael Owen

He wept when he explained to his daughter that his World Cup was over.

It was a strange injury -- without any contact with another player -- that forced Owen out of the England-Sweden match. It was diagnosed as a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, and it ended his stint at this year's football fiesta.

The England striker is not the only one missing out. The average football fan has been deprived of seeing a full-fledged English attack, one with Owen firing on all cylinders alongside Wayne Rooney.

The Newcastle United prize catch is set to see American sports surgeon Dr Richard Steadman for help and is likely to be out of action till next year. Meanwhile, his club will get only half of his $256,000 weekly remuneration from England's Football Association.

And if England stumble in the quest for their first World Cup trophy since 1966, there will be a lot of people weeping for sure.

Image: This is not how football lovers wanted to see Michael Owen fly out of Germany.

Photograph: Kinnaird/Getty Images

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