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February 27, 2004

The Speed Demons


Ferrari's latest offering is the F2004, which is the 50th car built by the Italian company to compete in the F1 World Championship. The car represents a further evolution of the concepts already seen in the F2003-GA.

The aerodynamic configuration has been fine-tuned in the light of changes to the technical regulations, improving the car's efficiency. It boasts of a lower centre of gravity while weight distribution has been improved as regards the chassis and the engine

Engine: Ferrari V10, Tyres: Bridgestone

Grand Prix: 686 Wins: 167 Poles: 166.
Constructors' titles: 13 Drivers' titles: 13

Drivers: Michael Schumacher (Germany), Rubens Barrichello (Brazil)
Test driver: Luca Badoer (Italy)