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It's a shame we cannot protect our national animal!
We have known it for a while, with experts and conservationists screaming from rooftops that the last census in 2002 was history and there was a fraction left of the 3,642 tigers it said India had.

Do we take care of our wildlife? What are you doing?
What should we as citizens do to protect India's defenceless, disappearing wildlife? Don't they as fellow living beings deserve a little of our attention and care?

'There is more concern for the tiger outside India!'
Unless enforcement is stepped up, India could well lose its tiger population. Tiger poachers are part of a well-organised criminal network which has not been effectively addressed. What is required is intelligence-led, professional enforcement, says Belinda Wright, executive director and founder of Wildlife Protection Society of India.

Is it the end of the road for the Indian tiger?
'Missing tigers points to poor federal governance and bad local management at a federal level. We are in the worst mess I have ever seen in 31 years of tiger work' say wildlife expert and conservationist Valmik Thapar.

At least one tiger is killed every day
The tiger is a symbol of our biodiversity. If it is allowed to become extinct, it will spell disaster for a host of other fauna and flora.

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