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Ayurveda: For being a national treasure

'It reflects the truest spirit of everything that is Indian'

August 20, 2008

Dr Sarin N S, an Ayurvedic physician, on the ancient knowledge science.

Ayurveda is the oldest knowledge-based medical science known to have existed, bearing a legacy of more than 6,000 years. Major disciplines of conventional medicine like surgery have derived their basic tenets from Ayurvedic classics. Among all traditional systems of health care, Ayurveda has had a significant impact in the global health scenario, especially in the last one decade.

The renewed awareness of the limitations of conventional medicine have seen a surge in the shift towards traditional sysytems and Ayurveda has been able to emerge as a leading player, primarily, because of its holistic approach to disease and treatment which has been consistently yielding remarkable results.

India, today, has certainly become a medical destination for people worldwide. India not only aims to be an economic superpower but also a health superpower by creating a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy society. The fulfillment of that dream can be only through Ayurveda.

The roots of Ayurveda are deeply embedded in Indian tradition and as a knowledge science, gives guidelines as to how to realise the innate potential of every individual through the capital of health by harnessing our interactions with our very own environ.

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Very few sciences in the world can claim to have such clarity of thought in its principles. A proper practice of Ayurveda as a science of knowledge lays the foundation for a healthy society.

It reflects the truest spirit of everything that is Indian -- ethics, culture, heritage and civilisation. The impact of globalisation has been enormous. Most of us have lost sight of what is our defining identity as a citizen of this country is.

If India has to earn respect in the league of nations, it cannot be merely on the grounds of military and economic might. It has to be respected for its spirit and tradition too.

In that perspective, Ayurveda is certainly a national treasure -- to be well protected.

Today, I feel Ayurveda is the most promising answer in the global scenario. One reason being, people today all over the world are looking at alternate therapy methods. There is a universal awareness that the Western system of medicine has its own limitations. The awareness level and acceptance of Ayurveda as a traditional system is very high today all over the world.

Dr Sarin N S, 29, who works at the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore, spoke to Shobha Warrier. Photographs: Getty Images.

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