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'I don't think there is any strong resistance to the nuclear deal'

May 24, 2007
On the pace of reforms

We want to move it faster. Provided we can carry the people with them for whom the reforms are. Reforms as I told you are not a mantra which is to be chanted. Reforms are for the benefit and advantage of the people. Therefore they should be convinced and we shall have to carry the people with us.

On what if the India-US nuclear deal does not go through

No, I hope that it will be possible to have the Indo-US nuclear deal and I do not think there is any strong resistance. So far as the debate in Parliament is concerned on all occasions the prime minster made it quite clear that the apprehensions which had been expressed by some parties have been taken care of. Those have been addressed. And the parameters had been laid down.

Now it is for the US administration to deal with the Hyde Act. As far as we are concerned, our parameters of the joint statement of President Bush and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh remain. Our parameters are the separation plan. And it is for the US administration to decide how they are going to deal with the Hyde Act to meet those parameters.

On the hitch in the nuclear deal

As I told you, we will have to enter into the 123 agreement within these parameters. If those parameters are not fulfilled it will be difficult for us. On the other hand they also have some problems. So we are trying to remove those problems and iron out the differences we are having in the approach.

We are hoping it will be possible for us to reach a agreement. But still there are certain areas where differences of approach are there. Talks are going on and I do feel that it will be possible for us to overcome those difficulties and enter into an agreement.

On the time frame for the conclusion of the deal

You know it is very difficult to set a time frame but we will try to do it as early as possible.

On a meeting between the prime minister and US President George Bush at the G-8 summit in Germany

We are having bilateral discussions.
Image: Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh with US President George W Bush at the White House. Photograph: Carolyn Drake
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