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America votes

November 6, 2006
It's election time in the United States again. On November 7, the Americans will vote to elect 33 Senators, 36 Governors, and the entire US House of Representatives. Here's a primer on what the elections are all about.

What is at stake on Tuesday?
At the moment, the Republicans control both the House of Representatives and the Senate. But analysts say the growing discontent over the war in Iraq could lead to the Democrats gaining control of one or even both houses of US Congress, giving them a powerful lever to control the political agenda over the next two years.

Such control would also allow them to launch public investigations into several of US President George Bush's policies including in Iraq. A Democrat-controlled Congress could also impact the presidential elections slated for 2008. Most national polls have given the Democrats a hefty lead ahead of the elections, with a large number of voters saying they would cast their ballot as an anti-Bush gesture rather than a show of support.

According to The Washington Post, 'Democrats have moved into position to recapture the House and have laid siege to the Senate, setting the stage for a dramatic recasting of the power structure in Washington for President Bush's final two years in office.

'The Senate poses a tougher challenge for Democrats, who need to gain six seats to take control of that chamber. A three-seat gain is almost assured, but they would have to find the other three seats from four states considered to have tossup races -- Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri and Montana,' the Post said.

In the photograph: US President George W Bush during a campaign rally on Sunday in Grand Island, Nebraska

Photograph: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

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