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Two years of the UPA: A critic's view

The United Progressive Alliance led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh completes two years in office on Monday.

To put together a comprehensive critique of the government's performance, we spoke to a number of political experts about UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi's leadership, Dr Singh's vision, and the direction and the performance of his Cabinet.

There were criticisms of the UPA for the great divide between its and its allies (read the Communists) thinking, on the UPA's mishandling of the Office of Profit issue, the issue of mismanagement of distribution systems resulting in the import of wheat, Muslims' disenchantment, rise in the prices of essential goods, lacklustre implementation of the highly ambitious Employment Guarantee Scheme, the controversial reservation move and whispers of corruption.

But three issues emerged as the main reasons for worry, three issues that should head the government's priority list.

Text: Sheela Bhatt | Photograph: Saab Pictures


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