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Wanna shake hands with Rajinikant?

The southernmost tip of mainland India -- Kanyakumari -- is a special place to be.

It's the meeting point of three great bodies of water -- the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. There are very strong vibrations around here. You can feel the energy of these great seas as they hit the coast with varying intensities. Swami Vivekananda once preferred to meditate here.

The neighbourhood is peopled with memorials and statues. There's a statue to Bharatmata with the Indian flag. And a museum for Vivekananda, a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi and another memorial to K Kamaraj, a former chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Mid-sea the Vivekananda memorial is dwarfed by the statue of Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar on a nearby rock.

If you keep walking along the coast a road leads further to Kovalam (this Kovalam is in Kanyakumari and not to be confused with the more famous one in Kerala). On the way to Kovalam, less than a kilometer from the Triveni Sangam is a theme park called Baywatch.

Photographs and text: A Ganesh Nadar

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