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From rocks to rock stars

Tell us something about your experience shooting with international celebrities and Hindi cinema.

Iremember going to photograph the rock star Kid Rock in Detroit. While waiting, I began playing video games with a gentleman. After about 30 minutes, the editor dragged me aside and asked me why I wasn't shooting. I told him I was waiting for Kid Rock to show up. It was only then that I was informed that the guy I was playing with was Kid Rock himself! He gave me as much time as I wanted to get a few images with him.

Similarly, when I was to shoot Tommy Lee, I was apprehensive. He had a bad boy image and had just split with Pamela Anderson. Well, not only did he let me photograph him as I wanted, we also hung out together for a good 6 hours, shooting.

Coming to India, I worked on a few films, making images for the publicity of Devdas, Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Koi Mil Gaya. Each was a learning experience and an eye-opener to Bollywood. I was associated with a film designer called Rahul Nanda who gave me complete creative freedom to shoot how I wanted to express myself. It was just a great experience.

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