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From rocks to rock stars

After your degree in photography, was it smooth sailing establishing yourself as a photographer in India and internationally?

Ithink it was more of perseverance and discipline that helped me with steady and constant clientele. From the beginning, I have been shooting a maximum of 8 days a month commercially. For the rest of the time, I shoot images for myself, or prepare for my shoots. I got a job with Gerald Bybee the day after I graduated, and assisted him for 6 months. The catch was I had to drive to work 100 miles each way (smiles).

It was while working with him that I got a better grip on the digital medium. I took to digital photography in the mid 90s, when a computer with 64 MB RAM was thought of as great!

Luckily for me, a few photographers whose opinion I highly regard took interest in my work. They believed the work I had created while in school was not just student work, but at par with the best. Since then, there has been no looking back. Interestingly, I always came across art directors who understood my work. I have had a great time making images for their campaigns. Their criticism was always constructive. It helped me better myself.

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