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April 9, 2006   


People's Day in Nepal

It's People's Day in Nepal. Women,students, teachers, professionals, government officers, the poor and the middle-class and businessmen and even the blind men's association's members are on the streets. Although the Maoists have rejected the Seven Party Alliance's move to accept the King's announcement restoring Parliament and have asked people to continue with peaceful demonstrations, the people's hope for the future has not diminished. The people assembled on Kathmandu's Ring Road have unrealistic hopes and dreams for a modern Nepal. But Tuesday was not the day for arguments. People were just in the mood for celebration. caught up with many people and they all said, "The people are more powerful than the King." Anti-King slogans were still chanted with delight.

Nepalese have too many non-government organisations and caste-based, community based organisations. Although it is such a small nation it is a multi-cultural society.

Particularly in these agitation Dalit and ethnic groups were quite well-organised. Hundreds of such groups and leaders of political parties were out with their banners on the streets.

Text and Photograpahs: Sheela Bhatt

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