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The year 1928 has arrived!

The new year arrived for Maharashtrians on Thursday, March 30. They welcomed the year Shalivahan Shaka 1928.

It is believed we are living in the Kaliyuga or the dark age. The dark age will run for 432,000 years and we are presently in the very beginning of this age. In Kaliyuga six kings will reign and create eras or shakas.

We are presently living in the era of King Shalivahana of Paithan, Maharashtra. Hence the year is Shalivahan Shaka 1928.

In nearly every home in Maharashtra a pole is erected and draped with a kalash or pot of silver, brass or copper, a new piece of cloth, flowers and coloured sugar cakes called batasha. A large sprig of neem leaves is attached to this arrangement too. The gudi ushers in spring.

Photograph: Sanjay Sawant

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