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Name: Harry Chaudhry
Age: 13
Place: New Delhi.

Harry shows the stab wounds on his stomach to everyone like a soldier shows his medal. He is the winner of the Sanjay Chopra Award.

On July 26 last year, Harry and his 15-year-old sister, Ritika, were on their way to school on a cycle rickshaw. Suddenly a youth on a motorcycle attacked them. The 23-year-old Mangal Singh lived in their neighbourhood. He started stabbing Ritika out of some personal enmity.

Harry intervened. He tried to stop Singh by holding on to the blade of the knife. Blood started oozing out of his hand and his grip loosened. So Harry caught the attacker's hand.

At this, Singh turned to Harry and started stabbing him in the stomach. After Harry fell, Singh again started stabbing Ritika.

All this happened in broad daylight as passers-by watched mutely.

Harry managed to stand up, run towards the motorbike and throw its keys into a nearby drain. This prevented Singh from escaping.

By this time, looking at the courage shown by Harry, people caught Singh and started beating him. The police later arrested him.

But Harry regrets not having been able to save his sister. "She died in front of me."

The horrific scene still haunts him. It also reminds of his duty towards the society. He wants to be a fighter.

"I want to join the army. I want to save lives. I will kill all those who will attack my people and my country," Harry says.

He likes dancing, but stops when he remembers his sister.

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