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A refugee from Partition

Lt Gen Arora arrived in India after Partition when she was a year old. The only possessions her family had when they reached India were a blanket and a glass.

Like the one million others who left their homes for a hard and uncertain future in a land they chose to live in after Independence, her family saw tough times. They started from scratch, made many sacrifices along the way and built their lives brick by brick.

"A very strong point they had was unity of the family. If one working member got some money it was shared equally. My father was the eldest. His brother who expired just a year back at the age of 95, looked up to my father till the end," she says.

Sitting across in her living room, the general gives charming, everyday examples of the beauty of Indian family from her own life.

Of the time her mother accompanied her on her first posting to Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh in 1968. How her younger sisters, mother-in-law took turns in being with her on various postings; and that one time when her 75-year-old nani came to live with her only because she did not want her grand-daughter to be alone.

"Our family system is so beautiful. If we disintegrate like nuclear families we are losing a lot. Today what I am I wouldn't be without the support of my family," says the officer whose husband retired as a brigadier from the Army Medical Corps.

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