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Marwan Barghouti

Yasser Arafat passed away on November 11, 2004, leaving behind his unfulfilled dream of a separate Palestinian state. Here are the leaders who will carry forward the formidable legacy of Arafat.

Prime among them is Marwan Barghouti. A charismatic leader, Barghouti is serving an Israeli jail sentence on murder charges, something that has increased his stature among Palestinians.

He was charged with killing 26 Israelis, but was ultimately convicted for causing the deaths of five.

Barghouti was an organiser of the 1987-92 uprising and was jailed by the Israelis before being deported to Jordan.

He returned during the Oslo peace process -- gaining respect among Palestinians for his scepticism about Israel's commitment to successive land-for-peace deals.

In 1996, he was elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council.

He launched a campaign against human rights abuses by Arafat's own security services and corruption among his officials.

While rejecting the Oslo peace process, Barghouti spoke against attacks on civilians inside Israel, and after his conviction he insisted that suicide attacks were "not correct".

Even from his prison cell, Barghouti has continued to play an important role.

Photograph: PPO via Getty Images and AFP/Getty Images

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