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Sixty-four-year-old A S Moorthy, Regional Manager, Air Oceanic, also wanted to take the train for one last ride. He had an important appointment on July 1, which he asked his secretary to cancel.

"When I came to know there would be a last trip on July 1, I wanted to a part of it. Here I am, cancelling all my work and travelling from Egmore to Tambaram just to sit here."

He started commuting on the metre gauge section as a school boy in 1955 when the train had only three cars. The commuting continued when he joined college. Later, there was no break in the routine even after he started working.

"I don't like any other mode of transport. It was always very, very punctual. I donít remember this service being late even by a minute all these years. We have become inseparable, you know." he laughed.

Even after the BG line was introduced a few years back, Moorthy preferred traveling by the metre gauge. "Call me sentimental but it is heartrending to lose a part of my life. It is extremely painful," he said.

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