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The Rooster

If you are born in the Year of the Rooster you are a neat, precise, organised, alert and direct individual. You can be critical to the point of brutality. You are hardworking and resourceful and have a colourful personality. Since you are a good organiser, you usually plan your activities in advance.

Professionally, you are suited for the media, and make good teachers as well.

2004 will witness big changes in your life. Even though you are prepared for any eventuality, you could be deceived by people whom you trust. Be wise in your ways and words and learn from each experience.

Professionally, your career will see growth in the latter half of the year as a result of your single-minded toil and focus.

Students will do well academically; some students may pursue higher education overseas.

Investment-wise, those who opt for a judicious mix of speculation and wise investments will see much money flowing in.

Travel for pleasure and splurging will result in increased expenditure.

Professional advice and suggestions prove to be of immense help.

You will face no health problems.

Compatible signs: Snake, Horse, Rat, Dragon, Pig, Sheep

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