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The Snake

If you are born in the year of the snake you are philosophical, intelligent, wise and understanding. And a deep thinker.

The snake is considered an enigma in the Chinese zodiac. Those born under this sign are endowed with inborn wisdom. You are graceful and soft-spoken. You love good books, good food and good theatre.

Your reserved nature can sometimes create a problem but your willpower will help you achieve success and fame.

2004 will be powerful, dynamic and successful for you. Problems will tend to sort themselves out on their own. You will stay on top of things. Plans, strategies, loans and licenses will all work in your favour.

You will travel overseas this summer and the trip will prove enjoyable and lucrative. Your overseas contacts and contracts will help you make money. You will make the most of this golden period in your life.

This is a lucky year for those of you who are single and waiting to meet their soul mate. Just as you begin to give up about ever meeting that special someone, you will meet a person who will turn out to be both interesting and intriguing. Follow your heart; it won't let you down.

Compatible signs: Ox, Dragon, Rabbit

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