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'People were lying dead everywhere'
Rashida Bee: My lungs felt as if they were filled with red chillies.

'Bhago, Carbide tank phat gaya hai!'
Sheila Devi:I lost three of my children in the melee but fortunately...

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'My happy family disintegrated after the disaster'
Bano Bee: I had run a short distance before I fell down unconscious.

'I hope I can see again'
Gazala Bee: I don't feel like meeting too many people. I prefer listening to songs or remembering Allah.

'We just ran and ran until we couldn't run any longer'
Kanchari Lal: The night of December 2 is still fresh in my memory.

'Dow must take care of the victims'
Hazra Bee: That night was a curse I am still living with... it changed my life

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