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Guru Angad Dev

The son of a prosperous Hindu trader named Bhai Pheru, Guru Angad was an ardent devotee of the goddess Durga.

Lehna, as he was known before Guru Nanak named him his successor, was born on March 31, 1504, in Matte-di-Sari village in Ferozepur district, but eventually his family moved to Khadur.

He was married to Khivi and had two sons, Datu and Dasu, and one daughter, Amro.

At the age of 27 he met Guru Nanak and became his disciple. Guru Nanak asked him to instruct people in the ways of Sikhism.

Bhai Lehna spent his time in prayer and serving the people in Khadur. But he was longing to be with Guru Nanak, and so eventually returned to Kartharpur, the settlement founded by the guru on the western banks of the Ravi.

Guru Nanak eventually appointed him his successor on July 14, 1539.

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