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Abhay Deol in a scene from Dev D
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'My writing career is over'

jeeth asked, Hi Anurag!! I am yet to watch Dev D. But I have to admit your Black Friday was awesome. It was so brilliantly shot with a gripping narrative and apt selection of actors. I must have watched it ober 25 times (I have the DVD, but yet could watch it many more times. Hats of to you for this movie. How was your experience of this film considering that it took years for its theatrical release?
Anurag Kashyap answers, It was great shooting it. Then it went all downhill.

abhi asked, Hi Anurag, I have read the original Devdas and actually found your movie very very close to what Sarat had thought of when he wrote Devdas. The dark content, the intensity , the liquor, the lights all were a part of his imagination. Hats off to you for bringing it on the screen like never before. How did you manage to do this?
Anurag Kashyap answers, Thank you. Well haven't we all experienced it?

hrmanju asked, Anurag - in Dev D, i particularly liked the way you have used the music. Fading away in certain scenes and hitting back LOUD when required. When you saw the final release, did you think of reshooting any scene or maybe change a bit? (Please DO NOT change the ending)
Anurag Kashyap answers, No I did not think of reshooting anything. It's just the way it was imagined.

Rohil asked, How do plan to go ahead in the future? Will you be directing films or would you be concentrating on scripts and writings?
Anurag Kashyap answers, Direction only. My writing career is over.

Imtiaz Hami asked, I really loved your work in Black Friday. it was soo true to life. Aisa laga hi nahin ke yeh ek movie hain, looked like a well crafted documentary. Became a fan of you since that day. Awful work. Havent seen Dev D so wont comment on it. But will surely see it.
Anurag Kashyap answers, Thank you. Do watch it.

Amar asked, Dev D is superb movie!!!! You Rock!!
Anurag Kashyap answers, Thanks. You rock too for embracing it.

iammohit asked, hi anurag , i saw the movie it was great ..keep up the good work..why have u underplayed chunni's character so much ..i felt tht at certain slots of the movie there was a kind of dullness which cud hav been picked up by him anyways good job
Anurag Kashyap answers, We actually didn't need the character but did not want to take so much liberty with Sarat Chandra.

Me asked, I already shoot one good wish and two questions!! Your time to shoot back!
Anurag Kashyap answers, All the wishes.

kaustubh asked, Hi Anurag, congrats for coming up with an awesome movie. Waiting eagerly for Gulaal. When do you think bollywood audience would become mature enough to understand metaphors ? Half of the people I know still believes that No Smoking was a movie about a guy quitting smoking. By the way, are you planning to release Paanch finally ? If not, please upload the torrents on the internet at least
Anurag Kashyap answers, They are slowly gearing towards it. Paanch will release shortly for this time. Sure.

Reelgenius asked, Hi Anurag....i think Black Friday and Gulaal seem to fit in ur mood and ur temperament. When shall we see another slap-in-ur-face kinda movie against estalishment without being too anarchistic?
Anurag Kashyap answers, Gulaal is it.

cubicle asked, Hopefully my last few questions did not enrage you. i am sitting here with a half filled Glenfiddich, a twenty pack Pall Mall and a room full of depression. Hope you understand the feeling. But really can you make a love story a life story like The Reader or Lust, Caution ?
Anurag Kashyap answers, Yes, I will. You will see one in Gulaal.

Bhujang asked, What are your top 3 Hindi film actors and your top 3 Hindi film directors?
Anurag Kashyap answers, Kay Kay [Menon], Naseer [Shah] and Aditya Srivastava Dibakar, Zoya [Akhtar], and Imtiaz [Ali].

cubicle asked, Best of luck for Gulaal. I have not seen KK doing a good movie since his carrer best Drona :-). Take Care and be the martyr of new wave of cinema even if like Dylan you never set out to achieve that.
Anurag Kashyap answers, Thank you. Stay in your cubicle.

rupesh asked, i watched Dev D... congrats...u have made best devdas..... But i want to ask whether u have seen Requiem for A Dream... ? because ifeel ur film has some shades of hollywood hit...whats ur opinion about this ?
Anurag Kashyap answers, I want a Bollywood hit.

vishwajit asked, sirji I m not getting tickets for DEv D pls help me
Anurag Kashyap answers, Wow. Thanks for the compliment.

Abhay Deol in a scene from Dev D

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