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Anurag Kashyap
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'I would love to direct Kamal Haasan'

Much praise is coming in for Anurag Kashyap's latest venture, Dev D. The film has got rave reviews for direction as well as the performances by Abhay Deol, Mahi Gill and Kalki Koechlin.

The director found out just how much his fans loved the film during a rediff chat with readers. For those of you who missed the chat, here's what transpired:

Anurag Kashyap says, Hi everybody. Shoot.

Hitesh asked, Hi Anurag i haven't seen Black Friday and No Smoking yet but I loved this movie and i am seriously in a hang over of it. With the posters and promos so stylized, i had to watch this movie. I loved the way you have blend the music with the story. Music is really different and enjoyable. I specially like Emotional Attyachaar(Rock version) and Payalia, sung beautifully by Shruti Pathak. Screenplay is very realistic. All credits to you, beautifully composited, a very nice presentation. And one more thing, I like your part in Luck By Chance specially the dialog Murder kar deta hun, very symbolic :). I also have a question for you- Do you think writing is an appropriate start to become a good director? Best of Luck and keep making good movies.
Anurag Kashyap answers, Thank you. Every good director should at least attempt to write his own script.

Ruch asked, hey Anurag, am yet to watch DEV D though am sure it would be nice. Just wanted to say that me and my friends love the fact that u dont stick to any convention and create what you think is good. Thats a lot in an industry which dishes out a lot of crap just for the sake of minting money
Anurag Kashyap answers, thanks Ruch.

Bhasio asked, Hi Anurag. Ive just seen your No Smoking and Black Friday. I'd like to see how u treat action/thriller as a subject. Any plans of making an action flick?
Anurag Kashyap answers, Yeah soon. It's called Bombay Velvet followed by Doga.

Pranjal asked, Mr Anurag Kashyup u have done a good job by inventing something new & gr8 work done by abhay deol also... keep inventing something like this in future. I don't know why some people take things so seriously in flim.. it's a film go there, sit back & enjoy ur three hrs... tht's it. & ur dev d was an gr8 entertainer..
Anurag Kashyap answers, Well I take cinema very seriously but after having seen it..

neeraj shrivastava asked, Hi Anurag...I think you can make a very good suspenese movie based on spies
Anurag Kashyap answers, How about spy vs spy?

sunil3 asked, Hi Anurag, I'm a big fan of yours,saw Devd and liked it. i would say. I just wanted to know how you cope with your depression.I'm on antidepressants for the last 2 years it doesnt feel good at all,i've almost tapered it to lest amount now and the side effects have started ,and it sucks... Plse give some tips,i'm also working in the entertainment field
Anurag Kashyap answers, Run Sunil Run. Depression will go away. Sleep a lot, exercise or write about it.

VINAYMEHTA asked, Hi Anurag. I've seen all your movies. And I think you are the most progressive and thought-provoking director we have. Is Gulaal also a very different take on the subject that you've it in the genre of Haasil, Omkara etc?
Anurag Kashyap answers, Yeah Gulaal is in the same genre as Haasil and Omkara and pushing it further.

devd001 asked, hi why this movie trying to be a modern devdas but u r failed considerably
Anurag Kashyap answers, Sorry Sarat Chandra.

arifkazi11 asked, gr8 movie really liked it & has become the fan of MAHI
Anurag Kashyap answers, Will tell her that. Thanks.

sushaantu asked, He is finally here. Okay, Can you tell me the locations where you shot the Daryaganj scenes?
Anurag Kashyap answers, It is Daryaganj and Paharganz. Right next to New Delhi railway station.

hrmanju asked, Anurag - in Dev D, i particularly liked the way you have used the music. Fading away in certain scenes and hitting back LOUD when required. When you saw the final release, did you think of reshooting any scene or maybe change a bit? (Please DO NOT change the ending)
Anurag Kashyap answers, No, I don't go back and try and fill in after my film is done.

DEVLee asked, Hi Anurag. I've seen all your movies. And I think you are the most progressive and thought-provoking director we have. Is Gulaal also a very different take on the subject that you've it in the genre of Haasil, Omkara etc?
Anurag Kashyap answers, Thanks. Gulaal has shades of the above, but it also has a personal aspect that is special to me.

abhi asked, Hi Anurag, I have read the original Devdas and actually found your movie very very close to what Sarat had thought of when he wrote Devdas. The dark content, the intensity , the liquor, the lights all were a part of his imagination. Hats off to you for bringing it on the screen like never before. How did you manage to do this?
Anurag Kashyap answers, Thanks, well, it was really just about looking at myself and looking at lost people and how they behave in today's world. When the book was written, alcohol was taboo, now it really isn't. Drugs are in the forefront of debauchery, its really just about looking around us.

Photograph: Patcy N

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