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Who wants to date a superhero?

Yet another superhero movie hits screens this week, and the funny thing is that while directors seem to spend months of research on getting just the right guy for the role, the girls don't seem to matter half as much.

So Hollywood superhero movies toss up leading men that fit right into the lies and the leotards, but almost always pair them with disappointing heroines.

Here, we take a look at some superbabes who -- being the superhero's primary, longstanding romantic interest -- deserve better actresses who are significantly more stunning.

Spider-Man's Mary Jane Watson

Friend, sweetheart, lover and eventual wife, MJ is Peter's epic romance. She's a fiery redhead with tremendous spunk, and it's significantly depressing to see the character played by the blandly unattractive Kirsten Dunst.

In the comics, Mary Jane is drop dead irresistible, and Peter craves her as someone clearly out of his league, but in the Hollywood world, Tobey seems to be slumming it. Bryce Dallas Howard looks appropriately striking as Gwen Stacy, another of Peter's girlfriends, but doesn't see much screentime, alas.

Text: Raja Sen


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