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Five reasons to stay thrilled about The Hulk

We all still shudder at the very thought of Ang Lee's Hulk. All the ingredients were in place: a filmmaker like Lee; strikingly talented actors like Eric Bana (the Aussie pronunciation is almost 'Banner') and Jennifer Connelly; and the biggest premise of all, that of a gargantuan, bright green monster in one of comicdom's most pathos-filled sagas.

The film, of course, tanked without a hope as mostly everything went wrong. Which is why, when The Incredible Hulk -- a full Marvel Comics reboot of the franchise, wisely ignoring the first film entirely -- hits screens this Friday, we're going to walk in slightly wary of how messy this one could be too.

And there are issues with this baby too, of course. The chick is Liv Tyler, who -- while we all love that One Night At McCool's carwash scene -- is now 30, and looks significantly more raggedy than that; the sneak reviews are grudgingly admitting that the humour in the film seems contrived and often falls flat; director Louis Letterier made Transporter 1 & 2; and we now know for sure that, like they refused to call The Hulk by his iconic name in the first one, here Emil Blonsky won't ever be referred to as Abomination. Sigh.

Still, fanboys, in Marvel we (kinda) trust. Here are 5 reasons to stay excited about the big blob of dark-green anger. Read on.

Text: Raja Sen


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