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'As of right now, I've no plans to get married'

Actually, she was the only glamour in the otherwise dilapidated room.

Paint peeled from the walls. Monsoon rain dripped from the ceiling. Outside, a procession of journalists trudged through puddles and mud, then up the rickety wooden staircase and past a container of lukewarm chai and a plate of soggy biscuits.

And there she was, Katrina Kaif, sitting in a chair at the room's far end, talking about her upcoming release, with Singh is Kinng cardboard cut-outs propped against the wall behind her.

She looked almost captive, like a hostage, with lights, cameras and microphones bearing down on her. But rather than scared, she seemed a touch irritated and a tad drained. One could sympathise, given the flock of hungry reporters circling about, waiting for their exclusives. She doesn't give them often, after all.

There was also a hint of confrontation in her voice, when a reporter interviewing her pushed personal questions past the point of comfort, asking, "When are you getting married," to which Ms Kaif responded, "When are you getting married?" before affecting a strange laugh that rang hollow. Later, she did mention, "As of right now, I've no plans to get married."

The reluctance to answer personal questions was obvious, and really, why should she? Newspaper society sections and the gossip mags are already filled with speculation about her private life, especially her relationship with the 42-year old Salman Khan.

The last month has been particularly intensive, following her now infamous 24th birthday bash. Recent rumours say that the party was a last-ditch effort from Salman to save a romance going wayward, though it went all wrong, thanks to the the much-detailed disagreement between beau Sallu and Shah Rukh Khan. There's also talk that Salman's family doesn't think so kindly of the pretty lass, though Katrina remains tight-lipped on all things related to her love life.

But regarding the party, the battle of the Khans wasn't the only thing that had people talking, the guest list has also received extreme scrutiny. Why was so and so off the list? Why didn't what's her name show up? And did Katrina really mean for the party to signify that she's arrived and is ready to claim her crown?

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