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'The film cost 40 crores'

Do you draw the musical landscape in advance? If you look at Lagaan and Swades, the music has a certain pattern in the sense there are rousing songs at the beginning and at the end. Then there is the inevitable bhajan. Do you have a musical formula?

Yeah, there is a formula. Every filmmaker, once he makes a film, keeps repeating that all his life. He makes it in different forms. He might take out the story but his adaptation will be the same. So whether you take Mr Nasir Hussain or you take Mr Manoj Kumar or you take Martin Scorsese or you take Brian de Palma, they have told the same story again and again. The story might be slightly different.

How much did the film cost?

The cost before starting was Rs 37 crores (Rs 370 million; roughly $8 million). Which is what I had announced. Now it is Rs 40 crores (Rs 400 million; roughly $10 million).

And much of the expense went on paying the lead actors? Or was it spent on the production?

On the entire production. Everything in fact: Creating the Agra fort, the costumes, every department. When you are making a film set in a different time zone you need to recreate everything. Nothing is available.

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