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Looking at Power Of 10 and Paanchvi Paas

Shah Rukh Khan hosts Kya Aap Panchi Paas Se Tez Hai
Original Show: Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
Original Host: Jeff Foxworthy

Basic Premise: People over the age of 18 are given questions on various subjects taken from school textbooks for Classes 1-5. Answering correctly, with the help of a studio-selected Class 5 student, leads them to the $1 million cash prize.

Format: A group of Class V students sits around on benches while each of them is chosen, for turns lasting two questions, to be a Classmate to the contestant. The contestant can choose category and grade of question -- 'Class 2, Science', for example -- and is then given three lifelines:

He can Peek, which means he can see the Classmate's answer and choose to use it or not; he can Copy, which means he has to use the Classmate's answer even though it looks wrong to him; and he can Save, which means if he answers incorrectly but the contestant is correct, he is credited with the right answer.

Potential: The show is ridiculously watchable as common men and women routinely foul up elementary questions. Charmingly, the kids sit around and laugh at these adults struggling with answers they are well aware of, and Foxworthy, a smart stand-up comic, is cheeky yet sincere, like a fun schoolmaster.

He is, however, not a star. Shah Rukh Khan is one, and while he can surely pull the contestant's legs and make them feel at ease, this seems a miscast role for two reasons:

1) The attention will be on Khan rather than the contestant and the game itself and

2) the show might backfire because Khan, being as major a star as he is, could seem too cruel to the common man, simply because of the show's format.

Bottomline: It's a fantastic original concept, but Khan will have to walk a very thin tightrope.

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