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Looking at Power of 10 and Paanchvi Paas

The biggest stars in the country put on their television shoes soon, and before Salman Khan starts his Power Of 10, Akshay Kumar gets in your face with Fear Factor, and Shah Rukh Khan can ask if you're indeed Paanchvi Paas Se Tez, we decided to take a preview.

While most of us are familiar with Fear Factor, we take a look at the original American game shows, the other two shows are based on, in a prelude to what we Indian viewers are in for.

Oh, and do click on the links for videos from the two shows. Here we go:

Salman Khan hosts Power Of 10
Original Show Title: Power Of 10
Original Host: Drew Carey

Basic premise: A contestant has to guess an answer polled to several Americans -- 'how many Americans hold two or more jobs?' for example. The contestant will guess a percentage, like 46 percent, and is then allowed to advance based on how close s/he is to the actual figure.

Format: The contestants will be given a point-margin which keeps decreasing as the game keeps advancing -- which means they can be upto 40 percent off the mark for the first $1,000 question and need to give an exact answer for the final $10,000,000 question.

Potential: Carey's a comedian, who hasn't been informed about the answers beforehand, and often livens up the proceedings by giving his own take on the answers and having fun with the contestants. It's a really interesting fit for Salman and it might just be a great treat to see an unscripted Khan ad-lib with random people.

Let's just hope the questions are as wackily fun as the original, which polls random things about Britney Spears, pro-basketball and ice-cream to bring out stuff that is really anybody's guess.

Bottomline: It's not a great original, but Salman could make it work. Or tank.

Text: Raja Sen


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