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'Dard-e-disco is an inane item song'

About Deewangi Deewangi starring around 30 stars. Was Manmohan Desai's John Jaani Janardan from Naseeb any inspiration for the song picturisation?

John Jaani Janardan was absolutely the inspiration behind this song. I loved the song; it is the best song ever. Fortunately, for me the song Deewangi Deewangi made sense in the movie as SRK plays a star in 2007 has won an award and is at a party, so it is just not an item song where people were coming together randomly.

How did you convince so many stars to appear at once? How difficult it was to manage all the stars?

Not difficult at all because everyone (making an appearance in the song) was quite sweet. Managing the time and schedules of everyone and organising things was more difficult. We planned the preparation a month and a half in advance and the song was shot over six days.

Dard-e-disco song, apart from SRKs six packs has these very interesting and trippy lyrics...

It's an inane item song, which had no place in the movie -- it was a take on item songs. It is mad mental. I came up with the phrase Dard-e-Disco and gave it to Javed uncle. It is ironical because it's the pain of disco. In fact it is a sad song which is cool.

As a producer how has SRK's involvement been with the project and how has the project shaped according to him?

SRK as a producer just lets me do what I want and spends way more than I would like him to. He is excited about it because it is the biggest film Red Chillies has done, and he is happy with the end product.

You've used two very interesting phrases in the trailer of the movie -- 'When you want something badly, the whole universe conspires to give to you' and 'In the end everything will be ok and if its not ok its not the end...'

Yes because that is my philosophy in life, so I put that in the movie. It's there throughout the movie. About the 'In the end saying...' I used it because I wanted everything to be like the movies. It's like when things are going bad; people say, 'no, wait something nice will come out of it.'

In which way does your whole family contribute to each other's movie?

We do not contribute to each other's projects. We help each other by staying out of each other's ways. That's the best way to have a healthy relationship.

What does the future look like after marriage, first movie and now children too?

It looks wonderful. I will work on my next project in 2009. But right now I am going to spend a year looking after my kids.

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