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The man who shot Sivaji

Rajnikanth, the super star

Rajnikanth is the most professional artiste I have come across in my life. He is always 10-15 minutes ahead of time. If we say ready, he will be the first person to come and stand on the sets. It had always been like this throughout the shooting.

I have seen that these days, most of the artistes go to their make up van the moment their shot is over. Though we can set everything in five minutes, they would vanish from the sets, and we have to send someone from them.

For a cameraman, these are tense moments because the light may change by the time they appear from the van. All this started after the advent of the vanity vans. You can understand them going to the van if there is a make up change but these days it has become a habit for all artistes to go to the make up van after each shot.

But Rajnikanth is not like that at all. Once he comes out of the van with make up at nine, he does not go back till lunch time. He also carries his own umbrella unlike other stars.

What is great about this man is his simplicity. He treats everyone with respect. I have not seen him lose his temper with anyone.

That is what is enduring about Rajni.

Rajnikanth, the actor

Rajnikanth is one actor who would respect the suggestions of even my assistants. He is also one actor who has maintained his body very well.

Rajnikanth, the man

A few times he joined the entire unit for lunch. There was total silence and he must have felt that we were uncomfortable around him. After that he ate his food in the van.

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