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'I believe in doing only commercial films'

He kissed his way to fame, earning the title of a 'serial kisser'. His earlier films like Zeher (2005), Kalyug (2005) and Gangster (2006) have all done well at the box office.

Now fans of Emraan Hashmi will see more of him with The Train, Good Boy Bad Boy and Awarapan all set for release.

In this interview with Girish Rao, the actor talks about his films and his new 'bad' tag. Excerpts:

Is it true that the box office will soon witness an Emraan Hashmi film festival?

Actually, the promos of The Train and Good Boy Bad Boy are currently on air and those of Awarapan will soon start. All these films will release in a span of two months.

How do you feel about the' bad' tag which has been thrust upon you off late?

I don't know much about this image of mine. When Ashwini Chaudhari, director of Good Boy Bad Boy was narrating the script to me he kept on saying 'good boy' and 'bad boy' over and over again. It struck me then that he was pitching me for the role of bad boy so in a way it was not very surprising for me. Actually, the interesting part about this film is that both Tusshar and me playing the characters -- good boy and bad boy. It's like swapping different roles in colleges.

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