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'I don't like romance'

The actor who made some of the most romantic Hindi films says he does not like romance himself.

But then again, Shah Rukh Khan has always been unpredictable.

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In this week-long exclusive interview with King Khan, the king of romance spoke to Savera R Someshwar and Saisuresh Sivaswamy about his favourite romantic films, and his views on love.

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

Too old for Valentine's. It was not fashionable when we were young, by the time it became fashionable I am too old. But I will get my wife a gift.

What are your five most romantic films?

I don't like romance.

You will break a lot of hearts with that statement!

No, I don't like romance in terms of watching them because I do so much of it. You do that, and you keep on watching it also, means you got to be really obsessing about this (laughs). This may sound a little strange, but I don't know.

The kind of films I have liked, Padosan was very romantic though it was a comedy about a teacher wanting to be in love with his student. That was very romantic. I can tell you a great heartbreak was in Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, where the guy is in love and the woman cheats him and uses them. Among the romantic films I like, let me see, Dilwale is nice. Even though it is a personal film, but it's a nice film, I saw it about three-four months back in Australia, it was nice. Again one of my own, I like Yes Boss, that was very sweet, that's taken from For Love Or For Money.

Among English movies... I thought whackily that There's Something About Mary was good, it was quite sweet, quite romantic, a guy who's in love with his college sweetheart. And there was this book by Graham Greene, A Quiet Affair I think it was, yeah, which Attenborough made it into a film with Julianne Moore, about the woman who says if you bring him back to life, I will give up the thing I love the most, and she has to give him up. That was very romantic. I liked the book a lot, I saw the movie before that, I didn't know it was based on the same book, then I read the book a year ago, and I thought that was very romantic. Is it A Quiet Affair or An Affair to Remember? I will remember...

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