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'SRK made me look good'

Shilpa Shukla, in real life, is nothing like the haughty Bindiya Naik she plays in Chak De! India. In fact, she is charming and full of fun as all those who logged into her she appearance on the Rediff Chat discovered.

For those who missed the fun, here's the transcript.

Shilpa says, Hi! This is Chak De 4 Bindiya Naik.

debankar asked, is hockey your favourite sport?
Shilpa answers, Definitely after the film. I love hockey!

nike_74 asked, hello i heard that many including u are real hockey players and have played for India is it true???
Shilpa answers, No. I'm an actor who actually played hockey in the film. But Komal is a real player.

manish asked, what was your shooting schedule and within how much time was shooting completed
Shilpa answers, It took us four months of training and three months of shooting. No wonder it's a special film.

nikusta asked, did u feel nervous while acting?
Shilpa answers, No, never. But I'm nervous doing interviews:)

nikusta asked, u have done a wonderful acting
Shilpa answers, Thank you so much. I'm glad you like my work.

Bapi asked, Hi Shilpa, You were just fabulous in the film. I thought you acted better than SRK.
Shilpa answers, Thank you so much. It was SRK who made me look good.

admin asked, Hi Shilpa (or Bindia Naik),How are you????? congratulation,and so what's going to be your next movie, you did a good role in Chak De India...
Shilpa answers, Hi there. You'll see me soon in the movie called Junction opposite Abhay Deol. Hope you will like me there as well.

vikas.saswadkar asked, hi Bindiaya \ shilpa, you have done good role in Chak De.. especially when you surrender Shahrukh to become Captain. you are looking gorgeous at dat time
Shilpa answers, :) People have told me that I'm intense but gorgeous. I feel great! Thanks!

shailendra asked, Hello Shilpa, though I have not watch the movie I am planning to watch this weekend. What kinda inspiration do you get from the moview?
Shilpa answers, Watch it once and you'll watch a dozen times. Every moment of the film is inspiring.

dkshri_jain asked, Hi Bindiya, do u think the picture can increase the moral of hockey or any other sporting event??
Shilpa answers, Definitely. The idea is to get hockey from the last page to the front page. Guess we've started the movement, Join in. Buy a hockey stick now.

In the photograph: Ashish Mehrotra, Vice President-Human Resources, presents a Rediff Shopping gift voucher to Shilpa. A small token of our gratitude for the inspiring performance from her and the other Chak De! ladies.

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