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Chak De stars come to rediff

Vibha, who played the endearing Krishnaji, takes over:

aftab Indian asked, Hi...this is the best movies in the year 2007 and i hope this movies will win the National Awards....really a good movies to motivate the Indian all Game... this is the song link related to the movies
Vibha answers, Yes, you're absolutely right. We also think this film will win a National Award. it's a totally different kind of film, which is based on sports. It's a real story. Hockey is our national game, so we hope that something good will happen about it.

sun asked, Your acting is superb in this movie. Congrats. Did u undergo any special training for this role?
Vibha answers, Thnak you so much for liking me. We did 4 months training. I don't play hockey in the movie but as the manager of team, so we i have to know each and every rules. When i was in school i was an athelete. I'm very fond of sports.

dhkp asked, krishnaji muje aapka kam bahot acha laga in chakde india
Vibha answers, Thank you so much!

pc asked, what does CHAK DE mean
Vibha answers, It's a punjabi word mean you have to win!

lavina asked, Your personality seemed very good. R you a real assistant coach. ause you looked natural
Vibha answers, Thankyou so much for liking me and i'm not an actual asst. couch. I'm an actor teacher . i graduated from NSD. In this film you don't have to act. you have top look natural and That was the scripts and driectors demand. That why we use no jewellary no make up

Sheela asked, How was it working with Sharukh Khan? Also did you girls get along or were there differences in real life was well?
Vibha answers, It's great working with him. He's the co-satr you could ask for. Girls were wonderful. we're like friends

aus asked, Good job, Krishnaji... How was it working with the rakshason ki sena? Pass on wishes to Sukhlal ji too...
Vibha answers, THANKYOU. They are not "rakshason ki sena" They are wonderful girls and i pass wishes to Sukhlalji.

KyahuaArreVa asked, Did Shah Rukh hog the limelight or was he nice to you girls?
Vibha answers, He's very down to earth and very helpful to everyone.

werwe asked, what convinced you to take up this role? what made you believe the film would succeed?
Vibha answers, Script was very good. it's totally different from other movies and it's a yash raj banner. Shah Rukh was there. And i got a big role so what else you want! And evryone worked very hard so should be a sucess

Rita asked, Hi, do you play any sport in real life?
Vibha answers, Yes i was an athlete. I played bandminton.

Nina asked, Hi, liked your performance in Chak De. Will we see more of you?
Vibha answers, I'm in Sanjay Leel Bansalee's Movie Sanwariya. I hope you will recognize me. it's totally different charector and i'm doing Gajni with Aamir Khan.

karmesh asked, I just saw the movie it true that it is inspired from Disney's "Miracle"? anyways...the movie was brilliant expecially it was fast paced...
Vibha answers, I don't think so. It's inspired by real indian Hockey couch, Ranjan Nagi's life. It's a sports film so it's fast paced.

Vibha says, Thank you so much for liking this movie. It's not a typical bollywood film. The director believed that the audience was ready for a different film. Thank to all of you for making Chak De a sucess

In the picture: Preeti Desai, Vice President-Strategic Alliances, presents a Rediff Shopping gift voucher to Vibhaji. A small token of our gratitude for the inspiring performance from her and the other Chak De! ladies.

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