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'The A-A wedding is hot topic of discussion'

Naksha J Anchan and Megha Murthy couldn't stop giggling -- and we were not really clear if it because they were talking about Aishwarya-Abhishek, weddings or because they were just giggly by nature.

The 18-year-old duo are studying biotechnology at St Alyosius College in Mangalore, the city of Aishwarya Rai's birth.

Apparently, the A-A wedding is a "hot topic of discussion", and "everyone" thinks the fact that they are getting married is really "cool."

"Even my aunty, who is 60-70 years old is talking about it," says Naksha.

"Small kids are going around saying Aishwarya, Aishwarya," adds Megha, as they both burst into giggles.

Personally speaking, they like Abhishek better than Ash; Megha thinks he's "cute" and Naksha likes his "height, personality, voice."

As far as Aishwarya is concerned, they agree -- amidst giggles of course -- that they loved her dance in Dhoom 2's Crazy kiya re and that she has awesome "eyes."

Post-wedding, if the couple come to Mangalore, they "will" try to see them and "may" ask them for autographs.

Their advice to the "cute pair of lovebirds" as Megha puts it? "Stick together as long as you can." Followed, of course, by more giggles.

Text: Savera R Someshwar | Video: Uday Kuckian

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